Jan 21


It saddens me that after a defensive struggle of epic proportions to decide the winner of the NFC Championship, the only thing the internet had to say was ambiguously racist attacks against Richard Sherman. Don’t worry, this article isn’t about him. What happened on Sunday was two teams—with exciting, young quarterbacks—played their hearts out to have a chance at taking on Peyton “MJ of Football” Manning in the big dance. And what a game it was!

Thinking back on the many chances that San Francisco had to take it home (I’m a fan, sorry) the only picture that comes to mind is FOX replaying the disgusting leg injury of NaVorro Bowman about 100 times. Gore fans (not Frank Gore fans but the blood drinkers) and horror whores were probably masturbating themselves into a frenzy as they got super slow motioned, every angle shots of the great linebacker’s leg being buckled the opposite way that it should go. I am visibly wincing as I write this because I cannot get the image out of my head… Christ! I mean, it ran my blood cold.

…FOX replaying the disgusting leg injury… 100 times…

NaVorro was wheeled out to get medical attention and the other gladiators kept on swinging until it came down to a final drive by San Francisco to overcome the six point deficit that they faced. This was where Colin Kaepernick’s youth and newness worked against him. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady making a last minute drive for a touchdown and fans can bank on it being a sure thing. But Kaepernick launched a dangerous missile towards sticky hands Michael Crabtree in the corner of the endzone and Richard Sherman defended it beautifully. What can you do?

Following a game-winning move like the one Sherman had, he was interviewed immediately and in the heat of the moment let the world know how he felt about San Francisco’s star wide receiver. Twitter took to it—as they always do with low-hanging fruit—and every journalist in the country had to change their underwear. Richard Sherman had given them enough fuel to keep the media wheels spinning all the way up till February 2nd. See typically a poised player will say all the “right things” even if they know that it is bullshit, and journalists would have to find something about the actual game to talk about. But Richard Sherman gave them emotion, and being that he is a black dude with dreads, he gave America cause to question his intelligence, his upbringing, and his passion.

Editor’s note: For those who tweeted garbage…Why are you tools even Football fans? I mean it has way too many black players for you to hate as much as you do?



All of these distractions made me question where we are as fans of the game. What sort of NFL do we love if a guy can give his leg, and possibly his career to get into the Super Bowl and all we have to talk about is a postgame interview? Have we all become a bunch of ignorant, Fantasy Football playing losers with no true passion for the actual game? I could see if NaVorro Bowman was some ignorant, no good thug (at the pleasure of Twitter), but this is a good dude. One of the best defensive players of our time, and a HUGE asset to the San Francisco 49ers. Was that hardcore game that I saw Sunday—which shone brightly in comparison to Peyton Manning’s punking of the New England Patriots—nothing compared to a guy going off in an interview?

Check yourself “sports fan”, you’re acting like a TMZ fanboi!

In a couple of weeks we will be treated to the greatest show on turf to celebrate the close of another awesome and injury-filled season of Football. Your Fantasy teams have done their own Super Bowls, you have had time to gloat about winning it or losing it (whatever), so what will you be watching for? Are you hoping that when the MVP is asked to say something on the mic that he goes all Richard Sherman about his opponent or are you actually watching and hoping for a memorable game that will make the next season hard to wait for?

Credit for Photos | Images: AP Photo/Kevin Terrell
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