May 20

Sources have confirmed that Wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage has died from a car accident after suffering a heart attack behind the wheel. No doubt your timelines, Facebooks and Twitters will be flooded with jokes about the business, cocaine and Miss Elizabeth but the Hall remembers the iconic superstar who could cut a promo like nobody else and ignite the ring with that flying elbow that seemed to touch the stars. People die and our heroes are not immortal, but Savage will be eternally remembered as one of the men that made Wrestling such a big deal for all of us kids. It was Savage that inspired us to wear fancy shades, flex with confidence and drop the elbow on our playmates.

The last time I thought about Savage was after seeing him in the commercial for the new WWE Superstars game. I know that Vince McMahon had a long standing beef with the Macho Man for whatever reason (they say Macho took Stephanie McMahon’s virginity) but he allowed the big man to be in the lineup of the game so we were excited to play it. Randy had a full white beard on that commercial, so I didn’t even recognize him but the voice, the delivery and his “Macho Style” made it very clear that he was the same man.

Here’s to warrior’s dying young and for a man as iconic as the Macho Man (Bone Saw for you Spiderman watching younglings who don’t know who he is), it is a reminder of how short and precious life can be. Dig it!?

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  • You’re right Dragon, the guy knew how to work a camera. A Macho Man interview was always entertaining! He gave me a lot of good memories and I was lucky enough to see him perform live. Peace to him and his family.

  • I was truly sad when I heard the news about his death. He was a great wrestler. Gone too soon.