Apr 01

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What are the obstacles of dating as an entrepreneur? Well we like to talk about business and money a bit too much (boring on dates), we don’t work regular hours (24/7), and we are owned by our phones and email. The best answer to starting with a woman in this scenario is to either find one who is as busy as you are; find someone who has the patience of a monk; or find someone who lives out of town.

You’re probably thinking “out of town! Are you crazy? That seems like it would be worse!” Well based on my life, I can say that it is very doable and while my girl is a super woman in both tolerance and patience, I don’t see why the things that she and I did to make it work should not help you baby moguls out in your quest for love and understanding.

Here are 5 tips to making long-distance love work as a hustler:

1. Commit Quickly

As a business you have very little time to be playing love games with several women… you just don’t – not unless your business IS women. The phone is already busy from your clients, so why would you want to mix in the confusion of several random girls calling to “see what you are doing”? I won’t lie it may sound like heaven to you, but in reality it can be hell.

This is why it is better for an entrepreneur to have one focus; date until you have found a great candidate then make her your woman and begin working on your relationship. The cost of running out several women will only eat into your bottom-line anyway and as a hustler your goal in anything is to win. Even with your relationships.

2. Fit Your Significant Other Into Your Life

When I would visit my girlfriend I would set up shop on her living room table to answer my business emails, crank out last minute projects and to do whatever was needed to keep my money flowing. She would do her chores during these periods, run to the Farmer’s Market, and help out her youngling with her homework.

The key to all of this was for us to find a way to be with one another during those times without my business being in the way.

3. Schedule your phone calls and visits

Being that I was the self-employed one in the relationship I took it upon myself to do most of the traveling. So twice a month I knew that my weekends would be out of town. Once it is scheduled it doesn’t become a huge hassle like spontaneity can be.

Traveling to and from my girl was done via train so that it allowed me good alone time (outside of the screaming kids running the aisles) to write articles for this beloved website and others.

4. Take time for elaborate vacations

Is traveling not a spice in life? Sure, on your schedule it is hell to get away from the grind but having a lady in your life gives you the opportunity to learn how to relax. Take time off from your business for 3 – 5 days every few months and take a cruise, a trip, or some sort of excursion with your lady. This gives you together time out of your elements and allows you to truly enjoy one another uninterrupted.

5. Keep nosy friends and family at bay

A lot of people act like losers without knowing it. They are way too nosy about your personal life; they think they have it all figured out; and they do not understand entrepreneurship or long distance relationships – but will want to tell you how to do both.

These are the people who will tell your girl “I don’t see how you do that, you like never see him!” and will continuously ask “so are one of you going to move?” Keep them out of your love- life; they add absolutely nothing to your thing. Trust me on this one, keep it between you and your girl and ask her to do the same… and for the love of everything sane keep it off Facebook!

* * * *

So let’s close this out with a summary of what’s been said about love. Entrepreneurs should appreciate long distance relationships, but should make extra effort to schedule visitation, phone calls and trips with their significant other in order for it to work. Nosy people are the devil and will try to make you second-guess your decisions. Got it!? Good, now go get em tiger.

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  • Lady G

    Hi Greg,

    It was good to see this article, as I have a couple of friends who are currently assessing whether their long distance relationship is worth their while. It was good affirmation to read the ways you have made concessions; and how your efforts work to the benefit of both your relationship and your business. Kudos to you, and this information sure arm them in making their case – “Those who want to, do!”

    It definitely takes honesty and candid communication to figure the rhythm of a long distance relationship. Nothing is more important than acknowledgment, making an individual feel wanted, special, and important – which has nothing to do with being needy – and takes a heck of a lot of effort.

    We all groaned when we read your recommendation of “be as busy as you are; find someone who has the patience of a monk; or find someone who lives out of town”, as these are definitely factors that already exist. It was unanimously agreed that committing early is a good strategy as that kills the guesswork, tireless questions, and certain frustrations, but hands down – most importantly – FIT YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER INTO YOUR LIFE!!!

    Good stuff my man, thank you.

  • Alicia Zych

    Due to the crisis here in Italy, people are living at home for a lot longer or, if they are lucky to have work, they sometimes have no choice but to move for work.. Long distance relationships are on the rise due to the unstable economic situation, and people travel to see their heart’s desire.. I know lots of people who do it.

    There are so many scenes with happy or sad tears at train stations.. And in a strange way, it brings romanticism back. It’s really nice. You have something to look forward to. You each lead your own life, you are busy, and once a month, once every two weeks, a weekend off, a few days free, you see each other.. You talk on the phone, not too much though, telephones are to exchange info, not give long lectures. We are busy people with many interests and things to do..

    Of course it’s not for everyone, some people just have to be attached at the hip bone and need constant contact.. Also, how can you know if they are being faithful if they are three hours away? That’s the nosy question I get asked. How do you know if they really have committed? I guess you have faith in them. Just like they have faith in you.. Spending that time and money to travel and at the same time have others on the side would seem absurd. But having someone attached to your hip doesn’t mean they are faithful to you always either.. Cheating is quick, can be done in a lunch break.

    But I think if the two people are serious about each other, and are both busy people, a long distance relationship makes it stronger. Patience and virtue, you know? A basis for any functional relationship.

    I always say if you can withstand distance as a couple, you can withstand anything. Then, eventually, with time, things will need to merge. But it’s a strange thought, because technically life is so short, and you could really die at anytime.. You plan and think about future later.

  • I am the entrepreneur in the relationship, but he also works away from home 9 out of 12 months. We get time in between here and there. All of the suggestions you have given we are doing or have done. To increase our chances for communicating, he bought me a Kindle for skyping. We are both on FB but only talk via inbox. No messages on each other’s wall and no changing statuses to name who we are in a relationship with. So far, beautiful!