Jul 12

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When I worked for a small company a number of years back we used to get 15 minute breaks along with our hour’s lunch throughout the day. Those 15 minute breaks could feel like forever if there was nothing to do and as a non-smoker it wasn’t the welcome release that many of my co-workers needed.

One thing that became of value to me on those breaks was to use them to get myself out of the work loop that many of my peers were not happy with. Living check to check was never ideal and when you work 2 jobs it begins to feel as if it is all life has prepared for you.

What I began to do on my 15 minute break was to read books on Financial Education and starting a business. It opened up the world to me in a way that no classroom, no bragging rich guy, or infomercial could ever do because it offered me an escape from the loop.

Once I completed one book I would eagerly start on another as the days, then months, then years flew by. I began to use audio books to pump the doctrine into my head as I did my monkey job day to day.

The reading led to my understanding of not only finances but the decisions of my company, my boss, it’s employees and the world. With that sort of knowledge I began to see things from my bosses standpoint and I made my own work decisions to where it made sense to him and in turn I was rewarded for it.

My choice after all of that reading was to eventually leave that company to start my own and the rest as they say is history; I am here now, knowledgeable, wide-eyed and making money; unafraid of anything that may come because the keys to getting back here is now embedded within my brain.

So instead of burning your 15 minute breaks on watching traffic, flirting with the married admin, or surfing The Hall; take some time to read up on the way money works and why it is that you are forced to kiss up for a raise instead of being paid what you should for the work that you do.

Learn the game so that when the rules are implemented you are not left dazed, confused, and posting nonsense on Facebook about being a victim. With great knowledge comes great power, the ability to earn and keep money, and even happiness.

I look back to where I was before reading the books that I did and imagine where I would be today if I had continued living that way. Life is unfair and rewards no one for tenure, so take the time to improve yourself and your knowledge and life will make so much more sense to you.

Laziness does not reward the broke and unhappy; but knowledge and action is the ultimate solution to a check to check lifestyle. It is out there, it is free and it is as simple as taking the time to find it. Start with The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason and let it lead you to many more gems of knowledge out there.

Know any books to help those wanting of knowledge? Share your favorites in the commentary.

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