Aug 23

lane cries to draper

There’s something that just feels wrong about a man who whines and complains. Nobody has patience for it, and nobody wants to hear it. Machismo has always been attributed to the strong, silent type; men who take action when the time calls for it but keep it to themselves otherwise. The only acceptable time for a man to complain is prior to action and if there is no intent on action then that man becomes every bit akin to a barking Chihuahua – loud, annoying, and only able to garner sympathy from his owners.

We have all been in the presence of a complaining, whiny man and I am more than sure that he grated on your nerves as much as he would mine. Men, if you want to stand apart in society then you have to pick and choose your verbal battles and avoid becoming the type of man who is all bark and no bite.

During the political season it is very easy to become the type of male described in this article. Many people (men and women) want to debate over things with one another but many take the opportunity to brow beat the world with complaints in a misdirected hope of converting people (or starting fights). If you are passionate about politics then it is within your rights to do all of these things, but if you want to maintain your machismo – do your politicking with others like yourself and spare the innocent bystanders your rhetoric. The reason I say this is because to the rest of the people listening you will sound like an annoying crazy person and that’s about it.

Despite the change in times, softening of men, and ambiguity of our role in life, a man has to decide on where he stands in life. If you decide (as a man) that you don’t care how the world views you and it is your prerogative to complain about things then you have every right to be that way. But if you decide that you want to be the kind of man that other men look at as a bulwark of machismo, and a kickback to a time when men were proud, walked up straight, and took on all challengers, then save the complaints and do something about the problem.

Become a man of action and the world will take notice and respect you for it; complain in hopes of others pitying you and giving you a pat on the back and you will be viewed as weak. Nobody likes a complaining malcontent unless she has a nice pair of legs, an accent, and a very sweet voice.

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