Feb 25

There was a time when men going to the spa was considered a gay activity, so I can understand where the man’s man would want to argue the validity of him laying in a chair with someone rubbing his feet. However, lately, there has been an influx of men who go to the spa to the point that they now make up about a third of the spa population. The places to go are no longer catered to women where the man feels out of place, but they have gender neutral atmospheres and special treatments just for him.

As a woman with soft skin, being touched by a man with callused hands definitely does not feel as good as it should.  I love a hard worker just as much as the next woman, but hard workers can take care of their hands just like the next man.  The manicure is simply a treatment for your skin and exfoliation of dead skin off your hands with professional products that work way better than the rock salt you have sitting on your bathroom counter.  THEY WILL NOT PAINT YOUR NAILS!!! I repeat – they will NOT paint your nails.  So next time you notice your rough palms after a week of hitting the gym without gloves, treat yourself to 30 minutes of a manicure.  Your hands will be left looking and feeling so good to her she won’t want you to stop touching her.

Sports massages
If you are an athletic man, you will benefit from the sports massage.  It is way different than the general pressure rubbing by a masseuse.  A sports massage is catered to you and your sport of choice – golfers get the focus on the shoulders and back, runners have focus on legs, and so on.  Athletes can always use a deep tissue massage to increase flexibility and addressing repetitive motion problems.  Again, spas are more aware of their male population these days, so have no fear as there are more manly choices other than the lavender or flower scented oils.

Gentleman’s Facial
Just because you are a man does not mean that your skin can look any kind of way. A smooth texture with little or no blemishes is always more desirable than a razor bump infested man. Put down your shaving cream and take your ass to the spa for a facial. They will first do a skin screening to determine your skin type and needs, then will perform a series of services that will leave your skin feeling better than it has in your whole life. Top it off with a perfect shave and you will be feeling as if you are the best looking dude alive.

Telling a man that he needs to be a bit more manicured may sound as an insult at first, but trust me guys – the ladies will love you for it. Understand that being a well manicured man does not mean that you have to go get your “nails done” every two weeks with your girl.  It means that you care about your skin, your appearance, and the way you are perceived by that special someone in your life.  If it helps you can think about it as if it’s a glorified barber shop experience where the man talk is replaced with man magazines and newspapers and women who cater to your every need.

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  • You know I can get down with the sports massage and possibly the manicure if you’re a board room business type BUT your last line killed it. You can’t expect us rough housing, beer drinking, jock types to feel you on this when this line just reeks of pretty boy “If it helps you can think about it as if it’s a glorified barber shop experience where the man talk is replaced with man magazines and newspapers and women who cater to your every need.”

    NO it’s not the same thing, I read that and I imagined some dude propped up on a table with the mask and rollers in his hair, with that pink foam crap around his toes getting em painted as he flips through the latest issue of O. Nah, not feeling it, girls loving it or not, its not enough to be THAT guy just to appear clean to your girl. There’s a fine line between clean and sweet and that last line of the article tipped my mind over to the dark side and I lost the urge.

    • nia

      mr. dragon, you seem to really have a fear of coming off as if you are something that you are not. confidence is the key..your hero james bond is a well manicured man. the most interesting guy in the world is very well manicured and his blood smells like cologne! confidence trumps all hun, u gotta step out your box for a split second and let yourself experience things beyond food sex and sports while maintaining your manly ways.

      • touche, you have a point there. How about this as a compromise, while I am getting the manicure, facial etc. I would prefer to not have women’s magazines, sweet soaps and fragrances femming up my experience. You’re right on the suave killers being manicured, but I have always acknowledged the fact that men of honor DO take care of themselves, everyone can see this. It’s the extras that make it weird, extras that keep the rough guys out of there.

      • nia


  • McThick

    No manicures and especially no facials. Just…no.

    If I am required to deal with hair spray and flowers every time I go near the bathroom (or wherever a lady chooses to do her grooming), then you need to deal with rough hands. Furthermore, a man’s face is fundamentally different from a woman’s. Larger pores and a beard make most facial solutions moot. A barber shave is a close as I am getting to a facial…sorry ladies.

    Having said that, dudes need to take it upon themselves to make the effort to stay neat. Failing to do so means failing with the women.

    Also, telling a guy he needs to ‘be a bit more manicured’ is just as much of an insult as telling a woman she needs to work on her make-up skills.