Mar 18


It’s that time of year again. NCAA March Madness is upon us and the influx of office pools are about to flood America’s cubicles. March Madness (aka the Big Dance) is an annual collegiate basketball tournament that allows 68 Universities around the country battle it out to be rightfully named as that year’s National Champion. The office pool that runs with the tournament is arguably the most popular pool in sports as well. Anyone can fill out an NCAA bracket and take a stab on how many winners they can guess correctly all the way to the final remaining team. The mass appeal of the College Basketball Tournament has grown significantly over the years and exemplifies how huge public participation can be for an event.

“According to some business experts, some found that the majority of employers now view betting pools as morale boosters”

What many people don’t really notice is how March Madness became a phenomenon itself in both the office pool and in the workplace. How so? This year, well over 58 million are estimated to participate in filling out an NCAA bracket…whether it’s for fun or for money. March Madness has taken over the American workplace where it has cost businesses over 2 billion dollars lost in productivity. Instead of working on their TPS report, employees spend their work hours watching live streaming video of the basketball games during the first week of the tournament. But something positive should always come out of something negative right?

According to some business experts, some have found that the majority of employers now view betting pools as morale boosters. It connects co-workers and builds office camaraderie as well as company culture. March Madness serves as a real exciting topic of debate at the water cooler instead of talking about what Miley Cyrus is wearing

So how easy is it to fill out a bracket? Well I think it’s pretty damn easy to pick teams here and there, but what’s nearly impossible is to complete a perfect bracket. This task is just so impractical that Warren Buffet has even offered a cash prize of 1 billion dollars for anyone who can fill out a perfect bracket. That perfect bracket has a 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 chance of winning. You’ll have a better chance getting stuck by lightning AND marrying Beyonce against those odds. Perfect bracket or not, most people use rationale and logic and go with the safe bet by picking all higher seeded teams. Some use stats or just a gut feeling to pick the winning teams. And some even pick mid major schools such as Mercer, Providence, North Dakota State, and even those nerds from Harvard to go deep in the tournament.

But there are plenty of other unconventional methods that require no knowledge of the game to fill a bracket. You can pick based off color, where blue jerseys have won 65% of the time…OR you can pick based off the mascot, where mammals outnumber the win percentage of reptiles and human mascots combined.

Being involved with filling out an NCAA bracket is one of the most popular forms of public communication and participation. The way you pick your bracket expresses your approach and ideology on how to select the most winners in the tournament. It’s no wonder why March Madness has became the most popular office pool out of any sport. Regardless of how you fill out your bracket just know that there’s an even playing field for all. It truly is a game of chance that should be all in good fun for co-workers to connect in the office. Or for that overly competitive jerk to bitch about his bracket.

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