Mar 25

Once in awhile us single folks will have to bear the annoying sense of responsibility that a married friend puts on him/her self to marry us off. While in their minds they feel that they are doing you a service, the fact of the matter is they should probably mind their own business. One of the people I know even had the audacity to suggest parties where they could pool the resources of his wife’s single friends and his in what I assume would be a huge hook-up party. What was he thinking you ask? The answer is he wasn’t, he was just being the typical married guy who is high on his fulfillment delusions.

Gauge your single friends

All of us have THAT guy or girl in our lives who whines continuously about not having anyone to love or how they were meant to be married by now. In cases with a person like this have at it, hook them up, marry them off and you can have the married folks hang out time that you aim to achieve. For the friends who aren’t whining, who have relationships periodically and seem relatively happy in their freedom, your prodding will seem more a nuisance than anything else. So gauge your friends and help those who want it.

I need you married so our wives can play

Look I get it, you have a buddy who you like to hang with but your wife lacks friends so your time with him has diminished. Selfishly you figure that if he’s married you all can do the couple’s dinner dates and whatever else and you can be happy once again. If your time has diminished with your single friend trust me he understands. Most dudes expect their friends to vanish once they cross the threshold anyway, at least for the first three years when we believe he’s busy making a family. Most single guys move on and link up with other single guys on a regular basis. Having married dude come out is a happy bonus, it doesn’t fray your friendship, most of us get it – wife time is optimum. When you start badgering your friend with “its your turn” and all sorts of pressure nonsense then that kills the want to hang with you. You will move from being “that cool married friend” to “that herb”. I don’t hang out with friends who are married and stay in my face about my relationships, the married friends I keep respect my space.

Please married folks, I implore you to gauge your single friends and use good judgment before badgering them about being like you. Many people love the single life and get annoyed (like myself) when you try to jokingly slip in the “so when are you all getting married”. Just stay in your lane and we’ll be good. Thanks for reading.

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