Jul 24

Dad teaching son to shave

I’ve never been a huge fan of Bro Culture when it comes to men. It is part of the reason why I felt the direction of this magazine needed to go towards dialogue on why masculinity must be redefined by men for men and removed from the stereotype that has been placed on us my popular media. I am not saying that I dislike frat boy culture; I am just saying that it should never define me or you (my male reader) for that matter.

Men are much more than our base desires but we need to realize this and fight back when we are being made into simple clowns and idiots.

Being limited to a creature whose only desire in life is to ogle tits and ass, drink beer and watch sports is a bit harsh right? So is the basement virgin that plays video games and masturbates 5 times a day. Yet these are the 2 extremes that we are measured against—you can also add in the woman-beating, date-raping, chest-beating target of man-haters today if we’re being thorough. Men just don’t seem to look like impressive creatures by today’s standards, right?

Why Is It About Gender?

What many people aren’t realizing is that there are a number of men who are bringing us down quickly and are getting away with it because we assume that they are allies. Men who want to kill masculinity and redefine the term “manning up” as something that is defined as “doing things that won’t offend the feminist regime”, men who do things solely for a woman’s approval, and men who beat on their women, act like savages and then blame it on their maleness when it comes time to pay the piper.

So what can we do, we complex, intelligent and dynamic gentlemen of the modern age? It’s relatively simple – each one can teach one to begin a wave of consciousness that will limit the frat boy antics, the broad stereotyping, and the traitors who call themselves “good men” whose agenda has nothing to do with maleness or true understanding between the genders. Pay attention to these media-types who say that they are for men and make sure that what they are saying truly is positive for our sons, brothers and nephews.

Men who act as if masculinity is the work of the devil, or tell their sons that kissing a girl at school makes them a rapist are not our representatives. Those of us who are firm in our manhood, who make positive moves both financially and in our lifestyles should make an extra effort to bring a boy along.

We are in trouble gentlemen and now is not the time to stay “strong and silent”. Now is not the time to be ashamed of your machismo, or your attraction to beautiful women. Stand firm in who you are and teach a young pup to find that same strength within himself. It is the only way that we can stop this wave of destruction being wrought by men whose aim is to destroy our identity and everything that we have known.

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  • TDizzle

    I think it is tremendously important for the definition of masculinity to be inclusive of feminist ideas and thoughts. Very enlightened of you to address this issue and bold to make it into a conversation. I appreciate it, thank you.

  • Zan TheMan

    Mr Dragon, great perspective. Do you have any products or do speaking engagements?

    • Hey Zan, thanks for reading. I didn’t start my actual run on workshops and public speaking until this year (more out of schedule than shyness) but I will have some things coming up for sure. I am also working on a book for the modern gentleman that I hope to have completed soon. I appreciate you reading and taking the time to show me love in the commentary. Stay alpha.

      • Zan TheMan

        Where can I shoot you a direct email?

      • admin[at]hobdragon.com

  • Atlanta_Man

    Modern society is trying it’s best to feminize men, and that’s led us to the metro sexual (with that girly man Ryan Seacrest their taking head). He may be pretty, but that won’t help you in a knife fight. Just recently, I saw a television commercial about a kid doing a computer presentation to get a vacation and the lady of the house said yes.. when the husband did the same thing so he could play golf, she said ‘uh-uh’. When did we go from the ‘man of the house’ to the ‘woman of the house’? When did men give their balls to their woman to keep in a jar? I’m not saying that men should be neanderthal beasts here, but it’s time for men to be men and be the hunters and gatherers and be leaders on their household– we can still do this and nurture at the same time.