Jan 20

There are certain guys that get tried on a daily basis and there are other guys who never get tried for whatever reason. It’s not always about looks because some of the biggest guys still get tried and get their asses beat and some of the smallest guys are avoided by literally everyone. Why is this? Us martial artists like to think of it as an aura that surrounds an individual, lets think of it as colors like a green aura means “try me” and a red aura means “step the hell back”. Many of us would love to have a red aura but we have somewhat of a greenish-yellow tint as in we aren’t tried much but there are times when we get checked.

Personally my aura is orange-red, it is near red but sometimes people will get close to trying. I didn’t develop this color from beating people’s asses, quite the contrary, my training keeps me a man of peace and honor but I do have a hidden demon within me. What I mean is that I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I love when the heart starts pumping, the warm “kill” flows through my veins and the skin starts to tingle from that juice making it to the surface. It’s like going Super Sayan2 whenever it comes time to dance1, and I do love to dance. I am one of those odd individuals who enjoys a stinging blow to the nose or the after-fight cool down when that warm juice recedes and the heart is working its way out of the throat. This trip makes my aura glow the color it does because it gives off a sense confidence. Even if I wasn’t scrappy, I look scrappy and I walk scrappy, my speech is scrappy and my mannerisms are scrappy. If you don’t have it then let’s work on it. I offer you a guide to get that green to red in a few steps.

Create an Air of Mystery and Unpredictability
Intimidation starts with being unpredictable, if you are a short guy don’t let your Napoleon complex get the better of you, people expect you to act that way. Similarly if you are a big muscular guy, don’t walk around in a tiny tank top swaying a water bottle and a copy of Muscle and Fitness. Be subtle about your big man tendencies, talk softly but directly, look into people’s souls when you talk to them. Stare beyond their eyes and force them to look away. When you get crossed and a fight can’t be avoided, turn instant animal and destroy that individual to the point where people have a “WTF” moment.

Appear Silent, Reserved and Deadly
Don’t be a chatterbox outside of your home and direct loved ones, keep your speech short and relative. Listen a lot more than you contribute, this is the way of a predator, it will bring your aura closer to the red you seek. Kill emotion, a passionate guy is a weak guy, regardless of how sexy your girlfriend tells you it is when you jump in some guy’s face when he roots for another team, it makes you look like chum to the real sharks. Sit your ass down, sip your beer and stay aloof, remember you don’t want them to see you coming. A good example of this that I can remember was at a sports bar where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing some team from up north. This semi-drunk dumb blonde chick was being a real bitch to the Tampa fans even though she and her man were in Tampa sporting out of town colors.

The guy sat sipping his beer silently as his unruly chick broke every single law in the “how to be a good woman” rule-set as she egged on fights from over 30 people in the joint. One guy decided to get physical with the woman’s boyfriend after it got beyond ridiculous and it was probably the worst thing that he could have done at that point. The guy went from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds and a few Tampa fans got their drunk asses wired up quite quickly in the attack. Now anybody who saw this will know that within that guy is a demon waiting to be unleashed, apparently his dumb broad did too. The best thing he can do is to drop her like a bad habit but that’s another topic altogether. Keep cool, you don’t have to show the world you’re a badass or else it comes off as an act, and actors get their asses beat constantly.

Roll Deep and Act Like a Pigeon
Yes I said pigeon, do you notice that most people avoid the hell out of pigeons? Do you know why this is? Well not only is the pigeon a filthy bird that walks around with his/her chest puffed out, it will not hesitate to shit on you if you cross its path. Not only that but a pigeon rolls deep, he comes with about 10 buddies all willing to shit on you if you so much as dare to walk beneath their flight zone. Pigeons are the epitome of intimidation because they can be easily taken out by some alka-seltzer, a bee-bee gun or a well timed swat with anything heavy. Yet we stay the hell out of their way. So be a pigeon, keep a good crew of like-minded individuals, work on your cock walk and keep it gangster.

So there you have it, if you’re uncomfortable going green in the intimidation area, then follow these steps and change your outer demeanor. If that doesn’t work for you then maybe you better get yourself some pretty powerful friends that will fight for you. Work on your cheerleading skills and backoff and let those dogs do the barking, just know that intimidation transcends the aspects of strangers. Even your wife and family will try you if you have a green aura and what will you do then?

1 Greg Dragon uses the term dance to define fighting not shaking ones ass in the club.
2 From the anime Dragon Ball Z where the fighters power up to godlike status.

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