Feb 19


What could possibly add on to the perceived “thug culture” of one of the last hyper-masculine sports in the United States? Not much, being that the casual and non-sport fans of the NFL already have the perception that the NFL is comprised of players who are:

  • Uneducated (look at the early reactions to Richard Sherman last season)
  • Criminal (the handful of players who have crossed the law are used to represent the whole)
  • Rapists (Big Ben)
  • Thugs (another term for a scary black person)
  • Over-churched (Reggie White)
  • Racist (Richie Incognito and Riley Cooper)
  • (TBA)

The TBA will become “homophobic” by the time we’re into the next season and it will not enhance or destroy the opinion that people have of the NFL already but it will make for a whole lot of news. Right now with Michael Sam announcing that he is gay to the world prior to the draft, NFL fans are being served with opinions from “anonymous sources”, hot mics, and of course percentile statistics based on about 50 players.

One question that isn’t being asked is “exactly who does all of this feedback help?” Will it help Michael Sam’s transition into the NFL be any easier? Of course not, after seeing what Tim Tebow and other media darlings have suffered for being distracting I would say that the kid’s career is already doomed unless he hits the field like black lightning frying anything in his path. It won’t happen. Will it help the LGBT Community? It already has – if there is one positive out of this fiasco, it is that more gay kids will feel comfortable in being themselves (at least this is my assumption), but it stops at that.

The Hunt for Moby Dick!

If you want to make news viral for a long time, just toss out accusations of prejudice at a huge white whale and watch it squirm for a long enough time that you can pull out 100 articles, 100 fake interviews with “anonymous sources” and 50 low brow comments from the few members of that group who aren’t smart enough to keep it to themselves. If Roger Goodell thinks that distractions are bad for the NFL, I wonder how he’s going to feel when every reporter that gets to Sam goes all Christin Cooper on him after the game. Thank god for NFL RedZone.

In our modern society we have developed a solid means of shaming bad people through social media and character assassination. It works most of the time, forcing those bad people and their religious and unpopular opinions to apologize, take down their Twitter accounts and disappear. But let us not be fooled that the media at its core has our best interest in mind with these witch hunts that put a Paula Deen or Phil Roberston up for banishment; they only care because we react.

But what do you think of the NFL and Gay Player Gate? Am I missing the mark? Is it a genuine push for answers from the sport or is it just another day in PC Policing and Slow News Day?

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