Apr 25

I’m sure everyone of you saw that disgustingly cute Volkswagen commercial where a Chibi Darth Vader is running all over his house in costume trying his damndest to use Force on objects… (hell we’re all guilty of doing it) only to fail continuously. If you haven’t then click the link I provided as it will give you some background on the Marvel spoof that you’re about to watch here.

Chibi Vader meet your rival Chibi Thor and his ice cold stare, his long golden locks, over-sized helmet and his massive Mjolner hammer. Chibi Thor runs around the house trying his best to call down thunder and lightning into the Mjolner to incinerate things… well he fails and his mom even hands him a sandwich when he tries to show her his power – what a disrespectful wench. Well needless to say the ending is hilarious and caught me completely off guard, check this out:

Hey dad… UMAD? Muhahahaha.

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