Jun 16

Megan Fox vs Angelina Jolie As a member of the “I don’t think she’s that hot” club I am one of the first people to shake my head in bewilderment at the lusting over Megan Fox. But at the same time taste is taste, if she is a dime to you then more power to you… and her. What annoys me however is the stupid media’s obsession with fabricating celebrity beefs in order to get a hot story.

With the anouncement of a Tomb Raider prequel, with Angie not in the plans (I am leaning on the script sucking balls), these jackasses have been calling Megan the new Angelina Jolie… as if the former has somehow become irrelevant. It amazes me how they have repeatedly tried to destroy Jolie with the rumors, jealous hate blogs and overexposure to the public. The overexposure has done much damage to her awesome career, since America’s love of “build and destroy the celebrity” is still annoyingly popular. It was bad when average singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was infamous for dating Ben Affleck but it has gotten worse over time. There was the attempt at destroying Tom Cruise (my man dusted the haters off in style as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder though) and now no celebrity is safe from ridicule. Just ask Madonna how that feels, even though she takes it like a champ.

I may not be a fanboi of Megan Fox but one thing I appreciate with the actress is how she knows the media is full of shit and caters her answers according. I hope her career blooms as these hacks continue to prod her for soundbytes only to leave with sarcastic takes and half truths fully controlled by her. In actuality if most actresses dropped the candid feedback and fed these idiots junk they may be prone to calm down a bit with this stuff. Anyway, Transformers 2 is on the horizon and two things are certain: Critics will hate hardcore on Micheal Bay… yawn and fanbois will pine over how hot Megan Fox is. With this movie her celebrity will increase a bit more and the Angelina comparisons will be all over the place again.

Angie, please for the love of god do not respond to the bait. Nothing will give these hacks a bigger hard-on than to have some sort of “misquote” from you or Megan so that they can take it and run with it for months on end. Oh well sans natural disaster or something this is what we get fed, I honestly don’t want another Tomb Raider movie (being probably the biggest fan alive) but it isn’t up to me. But why the comparisons? They are nothing alike.

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