Feb 17


Life has been hard to the self-proclaimed bitch but she is tired of being kicked down and is ready to be the one doing the kicking. It is a freeing thought this new attitude of “not putting up with your shit” that we take on when we’ve finally decided that we are over being the world’s doormat. There is the need to scream it out at the top of the highest mountain “I am sorry if I am a bitch but…” to let the future users and abusers know that you will not take their fuckery and manipulation lying down. You want to issue the warning that despite your kind eyes and sweet voice you have fangs behind that maw and they would do well to stay on your good side or the bitch will come out and give them a good bite!

Women that have gone into this mode due to bad experiences do tend to proclaim it a tad too much and if it is said within the earshot of a male suitor he may begin to wonder what he’s getting himself into. For the wolf it will be the biggest sign that the woman is a former pushover that is trying to convince herself that she is over it. Neither of these scenarios are good for a woman that is trying to get into a relationship and it can lead to worse results than when she was a nice girl.

What’s A Girl To Do?

If you are at the point of turning in your nice card to go bitch-mode on the next sucker, bite your tongue and be about action and nothing more. If that is too much then keep it between your girls and your family; just don’t say it to the guy that you’re dating! Women tend to issue forth warnings under the guise of lighthearted conversation on dates but across the table the guy may be processing it a lot differently than it was intended.

A woman will talk about her ex doing bad things as if to let a guy know “hey, I went through this with that asshole but I am not going to be putting up with it from you!” The guy will interpret it as “damn, this chick is talking about her crazy-ass ex on our first date, I wonder how long it will take for her to cut that mess out and concentrate on our thing?” Similarly a woman will say “I can come off as a bitch sometimes but I’m telling you, I don’t put up with disrespect!” Which a guy will interpret as “damn she’s so toxic that she can’t even avoid telling on herself! Is she fine enough to ignore the fact that she’s crazy as hell?”

I see many women that call themselves bitches in order to explain their strong stance against disrespect and if you are one reading I am telling you that you are doing yourself a disservice. First of all you aren’t a bitch, you are a person that has decided to stand up for yourself and I think a better term for this is due. Lady Dragon Nadia coined the term Spartanite for her definition, and I could think of other positive terms that will bring about the reaction from men that you are seeking. How about:

  • Amazon
  • She-wolf (hell it’s pretty close to a bitch)
  • Valkyrie
  • Warrior Princess

Okay let me stop, but you get the point. We present to the world what we wish it to see us as and bitch is not a term of endearment or one that brings about fear. Bitch to a man is a woman that he does not want to deal with under any circumstance and he definitely will not call a bitch back for a second date.

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