Jun 18


Men, do you have a career deal breaker when it comes to your dating? If not, why don’t you? It’s a rhetorical question really, being that I know for a fact that we still think in a traditional sense when it comes to a mate and what he/she brings to the table. There is still pressure on the male to have ambition, have a career, and have money, but as men our pressure on women still goes toward the physical, ie: stay skinny, be pretty, don’t annoy me.

Why is it that we aren’t looking for our mates to have a career that is deemed “respectable”, and why aren’t we saying things like “a woman that does (insert job) is not a woman that I want to date”? It has been perfectly okay for women to proudly proclaim that they don’t date “(insert job)”, so why is a career “not that important” to men?

Is it tradition, or is it just something that we just don’t think about? We can look into it further by examining the way we size up a potential date when we are asked. I can see the dialogue playing out in your minds already and I am pretty sure that it is the same for all of us. Here’s the situation: a friend comes to you (you’re single) and asks you if you would like to date a single cousin of theirs. What are the questions that you would ask before accepting? Here’s my assumption…

Male questions:

  1. What does she look like?
  2. Do you have a picture, is she on Instagram?

Female questions:

  1. What does he do?
  2. What does he look like?

If the friend proceeds to tell the male that the cousin is a hottie that is a career student, he will focus on the hottie part. If the friend tells the female that the cousin is a good looking, entry-level graphic designer; she will probably be doing the math in her head as to what exactly does that career mean for the future.

This is all speculative though, I will not pretend to know it all or throw a blanket assertion at men and women (even though I am). If I am wrong I would love to hear it from you. Are there men out there who shun, or get attracted to women based on their chosen career path, or is it like I said — few and far between? Do we men actually have a red flag for a woman’s career path outside of the sexual ones?

Sound off and prove me wrong, but from what I have seen in my limited time on this rock we don’t. But if i’m wrong and there are deal breakers, please tell me. What job would deny a pretty lady a callback from you?

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