Mar 09

Men have short term memory and a very convenient method of switching an argument of a woman’s sexuality from liberating to insulting. This trend has got to be the most confusing thing for young women being that it even confuses me. I have to go in on the fellas with this one as it is one of those paradoxical arguments that we have in civilized society that annoys the hell out of me. If you’re still not with me let me explain, consider the recent judgment of Ciara Princess Harris after her ill-advised “twitter beef” (rolls eyes extremely hard) with Rihanna. Both women are extremely young, beautiful and unapologetically sexual in their look, songs and dancing. This being 2011 I would think that this is okay, actually more than okay, more like the norm. Yet I am finding blogs which once praised the sexiness and impressive dance moves of Ciara making reference to her now as “dancing like a stripper”, being nasty and untalented.

Wait hold on one goddamn minute. What did dude just say?

Hey guys, and I’m asking you jackasses with selective memory and selective conservative beliefs. When did dancing like a stripper become a negative thing for a woman to do to entertain a man? Weren’t you the same guy posting rhetoric on what you would and wouldn’t do to Ciara when you saw her dancing on the top of that car in the video? See this kind of crap right here blows my mind, and if you still don’t get it I will put it into a real world perspective for you; the sour grapes principles of men that are branded with the term “hater” for good reason.

A guy will go into a club, see a girl dancing in a circle of guys, dropping it like it’s hot and proceed to talk to her. The ass, the movement, the sexuality and the looks is what hooked him yet this same herb will turn around and call her all sorts of hoes and bitches if she doesn’t respond to his advances.  Just like in the Rihanna/Ciara example, Ciara is hot and sexy when she’s on top of the charts but if she talks shit about my favorite singer then she’s nothing but a no-talent stripper who got lucky enough to sell a couple albums. Fughoudahere dude with that opinion, please go play in traffic. You guys disappoint the living hell out of me.

Hypocrites, don’t you love em?

My favorite version of this confusing attitude is when I hear the guys who I have personally seen put down money to buy prostitute ass lament on how they couldn’t see themselves with a stripper or a party girl. I hate to break it to you there Saint Paul but a trick is a trick and you are not better than the women you deem so below you. I just want some consistency, I came to the conclusion that I am a “I don’t care about the history” type of dude, as long as my lady isn’t diseased, still playing around or disrespectful I’m good. It’s taking some bumps and bruises for me to get to this point, plus I am a bit detached – I can admit it, I know what I am. So for someone like me a dude dissing a woman that he used to sweat just because she’s too sexy just comes off as a jackass move.

At the end of the day it’s confusing as hell and a tad bit silly, stick to one opinion or bite your tongue. If you want your women prim, proper and non-sexual then don’t big up the ones who are looser than that. If you’re gonna be a Saint then be a Saint, don’t be a chameleon saying a woman is wifey material in one breath then calling her a lecherous whore in the next, it just makes you look like an idiot.

And when did “she dances like a stripper” become an insult for a man to use on a woman? I’m looking around and I can put money on it that the boys around me would love for their girls to “dance like a stripper” for them and vice versa, the ladies would like it too. Please guys, just shut the hell up and enjoy the sexy, for real, shut your damned mouths about things that are beyond you.

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  • You summed up the idea so well. Sometimes as men we love the whole prosepct of having our cake an eating too or the other moniker of wanting ladies and hoes

    • You know the deal, we love to say that we want a lady in the streets and a freak in the bed but turn around and grab a freak off the streets and get mad at her for being a freak O.o… If you love a loose girl then you can’t turn around and call her a whore for being exactly what you knew she was when you got with her… just cause you’re mad.

      Men… we’re supposed to be the logical ones right? Not the emotional ones, so when I see a dude spazzing on some straight hypocrisy it does get on my nerves. Ciara dancing like a stripper… how is that bad if you like seeing her firm ass drop? Let’s keep it 100.