Jul 11

asian girl in cuffs

Today I was in the gym with a friend of mine and we were finishing up the last half of our leg routine. Approaching the pair of calf-raising machines I noticed that one of them was occupied by your standard gym girl…

Standard gym girl aka SG2: Reasonably cute, yoga pants to leave nothing to the imagination, ear buds in to drown out the garbage and blinders on in order to focus on workout and not on guys trying to sneak in looks.

Any meathead worth his salt is pretty much numb to SG2 being that literally every girl in a gym fits this mold. We walk up to the empty machine and proceed to bang out our sets. Almost as if he was conjured up by magic in comes this massive Rick Ross (the rapper) clone to hover in between the machines as if he was guarding her. We immediately thought it was odd and started to pay attention to see what he would do.

She finished up her set and moved unto another machine and Rick Ross feinted at a few military presses (on a calf-raise machine mind you) before moving off somewhere. I kept watching him as the hour ticked away and we did our training and he would only get next to her when another male was in the vicinity. It made him seem pathetic.

A good bird flies home so real men don’t need to handcuff

Look in terms of the meter of looks I can easily sit here and say that Ross had every right to cuff the girl because she was out of his league but I don’t know if dude had money or not. What I could gather from the situation however was that Ross had absolutely no confidence.

A confident man will never feel the need to handcuff a woman because he knows that she will always have a choice in staying or leaving. He knows that she will more than likely stay of he isn’t some crazy jackass and he knows that even if she leaves he is able to move on with ease.

The men I know of who find the need to handcuff are normally the same guys who like to brandish a false sense of machismo to the world in order to cover up their massive inadequacy. I will say it again, real men don’t handcuff – it’s simp territory to do so.

I wish I cared enough to pull Rick Ross to the side and tell him how it appeared to the rest of us males. I would also tell him that I don’t even believe that the SG2 was really with him because during the whole course of our workout she didn’t say 2 words to him… she was too busy working out.

What would he have done if I had just opted to be an ass and actually spit fire to his girl? Would he step in and make himself look worse by openly cock blocking my game? Probably; but I wasn’t going to do that because I don’t want his girl, and I was there to work out.

If you have handcuffs when you go out with a woman then you are breaking Man Laws and you are a sucker. I can say this with no regret because 90% of the men reading are on the same page with me on this.

Stop handcuffing and be a confident man. Trust me your woman will appreciate you more for it because at the end of the day you won’t look like an insecure, clingy bastard that she has to drag around like a familiar.

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  • McThick

    This is 100% true. If you’re confident in yourself, there is no need to hover around your girl. She will come or go as she pleases, regardless of your presence in the immediate area anyway.

    Having said that, there are two exceptions:
    1) If your girl is having a hard time handling a situation with someone else, you have to step in. I’m not going to go into how you would know this, that’s your job. But it should be pretty clear.
    2) SOMEtimes, SOME women like to feel as though they are completely owned and protected by their man. This is rare, so be careful. It’s also a bit of a red-flag anyway so be prepared for unrelated crazy down the road.

  • Lonnie F

    Back in the day around the way a dude would get knocked out for that. Like the nerve of this dude who does he think he is (unless he’s thorough). It’s one thing to have a lady, but it’s another to assume that cats want to holla. And if she’s not fine that goes double. It’s like that kid who has some chips and says “you can’t have none” before he even opens the bag. That’s when he gets his chips snatched.

  • Val

    I happen not to share the same view you have. That’s true that machismo is often explained by the lack of confidence. But, wait, does it mean that really confident man will be someone you never see and never hear? I mean, the real confident one has nothing to prove, nothing to worry about and, as a result, nothing to fight for – neither for the territory, nor for the female, – right? Or, maybe, a 100% nerd getting bullied is the real “confident one” while those bullies are “insecure loosers” – some nerds do try to put things in this way. Who is the winner in the world of mammals? The one who fights another male for a female and, then, guards to keep male competitors at a bay or the one “confident”, but passive.
    Very often things can be explained without resorting to the “psychology” – the guys that appear dominant are often indeed dominant with higher levels of testosterone, they are just more “male”.