Jun 29

men fighting over a woman

There are only a few times when fighting over a woman can be justified. The reason why I say this is because fighting over a woman is the ultimate sign of a man losing control of himself.

Fighting for a woman is the fantastic clash of love stories, historical fiction and fantasy. The werewolf boy beefing with the vampire kid for their human girl. It’s everywhere you look but in real life it is seen as some real lame activity.

This isn’t to say that some women aren’t worth fighting for but you should consider why you need to fight for her in the first place.

The video below features Ne-yo and Kanye West warring over an oh so delicious looking Keri Hilson. Granted any man with a pulse could see the validity of Miss Keri as a beautiful war prize, it still wouldn’t be a good idea to fight over her.

Men who lack confidence fight over women

When you lack confidence you tend to handcuff a woman, and when you handcuff a woman it is usually because you have no trust in her being your girl.

The only time that it is okay to fight over a woman is in times of tremendous disrespect.

You are not some White Knight galavanting through the countryside defending fair maidens. No, most of the time you are a regular guy with a girlfriend that some other guy wants.

There is a distinctive difference – and if you are put in a spot where you assume that beating another guy up will win you the girl then you are sorely mistaken. There is a choice that a woman must make whenever another man comes into the picture and you beating his ass will not sway her to your side magically.

Times when it’s okay to fight over a woman

In the stories you have situations like the Trojan War which at it’s root was fought over a woman and to be quite honest many other real, major wars have been but we men need to do better about this.

Here’s a list of examples when it is okay to fight over a woman:

  • You’re related to her and another man has done her dirty.
  • When the woman is your wife.
  • If you are with your girl and another man emasculates you severely.
  • You got caught in bed with said woman and her husband comes at you.
  • Her name is Keri Hilson or Meagan Good (just kidding)

See the reasons listed above is more about you fighting for your own self-respect and also to protect the integrity of someone you love. Nowhere in there did I list a reason being a contest for who will win her hand. See my point?

So keep your head, life does not owe you a woman and whooping on some other guy will damn sure not gain you one. Keep it classy gentlemen and if a woman wants to make a competition out of your love then bid that dame farewell.

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  • The same goes for women fighting over men. If you have to fight then it is not worth it.

  • LR

    Men fighting over women is natural and worth it because women are prizes while men can never be.

  • jj

    A guy walked in on a date I had with a girl that he had just broken up with claiming he had her possessions still at her house. She left with him. I was severely disrespected by both of them.

  • I have used your text to answer to my decade long dilema.KUDOS bro

  • Don Frampton

    Unless it’s your daughter, mother, sister, wife our any other relative, walk away! Not worth jail time! Even if it is a family member, be cautious! Your sister cheating on spouse? Walk away!

    We men do better when we think with our brains and not our groin!!