Jul 25

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Ever wonder if men treat beautiful women any different than a cute chick when dating? Well the answer to that would be yes and it is something that many men will never admit. Many guys will feign confidence and doing things for themselves but there is nothing like the feeling of being out with a beautiful woman as every guy in the building looks on with what you assume is envy. It’s a machismo thing that many women will never understand but if a man is on a date with a beauty, he will constantly check the room to make sure that the other guys are noticing. Mix in another couple with an equally or more beautiful woman and he’ll chill out but don’t let him think that he is with the best looking woman in there – his head will be the size of the moon.

What’s pathetic about this exercise in competition—because that is what it is—is that many seasoned guys will know it’s a date and that the guy hasn’t had sex with the woman as of yet.

Why is this a big deal?

Well because guys know that once the deed has been committed a few times, the whole “I’m with the baddest bitch in here” mentality will sober and the guy will be looking at his girl instead of other guys who may or may not be checking her out. This is why you will find that many men will go out, play the friend, or even sit next to a beautiful woman in hopes of onlookers assuming that he is with her.

So make no mistake you beautiful birds of the world, you are a trophy whether you like it or not – even when you aren’t even with the guy. Seriously. It doesn’t matter that you are a brilliant physician, a great scholar, or a killer conversationalist who knows all the NFL teams and 90’s Hip Hop gods. Look like an actress or a top model and you will find that many of your dates will be pitching for props from all of the men stealing looks at you and wondering. I know it’s sad… we’re not proud of it.

Message to the men

We (the older and wiser) know what it looks like after a man has truly been with a woman. There’s no point in pretending that a beautiful woman is your girlfriend or that you are knocking that out every night until the cows come home… we know. See the mannerisms your girl has, the way you act around her (cautious, careful, with a dash of trying-too-hard) speaks volumes on your sex life with that beautiful woman. Not to mention the fact that you are trying too hard to see who else is checking her out. Stop it.

I find it funny that we take part in this futile exercise of ego-inflation as men but when I see it, the scene never ceases to amuse me. See my beautiful readers—who may or may not have noticed that this was going on—you can do no wrong with a guy on a first date if he’s worshiping you. If you have any question as to whether or not it’s all about you, just pay attention to him and try to see if he’s looking around for other men’s approval.

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  • Beauty

    Men are pathetic

  • “M”

    “So make no mistake you beautiful birds of the world, you are a trophy whether you like it or not “

    We don’t like it.



    Seriously — women are people. Why this has to be a newsflash, IDK. If you think we are beautiful — thank you much — however, we are STILL PEOPLE.
    Please treat us accordingly.

  • Oracle

    Dragon, I must admit, it is not easy being very beautiful. I just wish society would raise it’s consciousness to a higher spiritual level and accept all people regardless of anything that may be different about them.
    I have had many trials and experienced much rejection being beautiful. I have been dumped for women no where in the vicinity of being able to match my appearance. Men tend to view me with polarization: it is either they view me with awe or they don’t view me at all. In the later, they will view me as though I’m not even there. In other words, they are either all about my beauty or so against it. They are in the relationship for awhile and then they are out, leaving me for someone who is considerably less attractive than me. Or they are trying to tear me down or break me.
    But that is just part of my problem. I could go on with more in-depth explications, but I’ll stop here. Women cannot stand me. I have no friends and it doesn’t happen very often that a woman wants to become my friend and rest assured one to two years in the friendship and she is out of there.
    I am always by myself and spend 80% of my life alone. African-American men tend to avoid me the most more than anyone else, unless they are older generation or unattractive according to my standards. It is rare that I get the opportunity to date African-American men. White men are courteous and always converse with me or do a kind gesture. Hispanics, Asians and foreign men tend to pursue me or do kind gestures or both.
    As far as women, African-American women avoid me and never give compliments to my face, unless they are an older woman. Some White women avoid me, but many give compliments, Asian women are mean, avoid me and never give compliments. Hispanic women are friendly and give compliments. Foreign women usually extend kindness, friendship or some association. On my job, although I’m helpful and cordial to my co-workers and vice-versa, I have no friends. People usually get together or congregate in cliques and I’m never given an invitation to join the clique. This is some of my experience being a very beautiful woman encountering races of people.
    You think there is only separatism in race, nationality and religion, well think again, there is also separatism with beautiful people. I wear my beauty and always wear it with dignity and respect and I have great regards for my appearance and take very good care of my body, radiant skin, personality and spirituality. I’m sorry that that bothers some people.
    The not-so-attractive woman, average-looking woman, cute, attractive or pretty woman has everything. She gets the marriage proposals, dates and friendships. She is invited into circles, groups and cliques. These women have everything. Why should she ever be jealous of a woman like me. The drop-dead gorgeous beautiful woman who has nothing but her shapely and curvaceous body, great skin and a gorgeous face. That has other qualities that no one seems to be remotely interested in.
    There is a more I can say about this point

    • Lisa Jones

      wow…you just described my life..it’s sad and scary that so many good people have to go through this..simply b/c the rest of society is so insecure judgmental and screwed up that they have to mistreat others due to their own issues… most women hate me too and i can’t make any friends and people just avoid me as well.

  • LC

    This is so interesting. I was on a first date a couple of months ago, and he said to me, “Do you notice how every black man in this mall looks at you when you walk by?” I honestly never knew or noticed that! But I guess it was important to my date. I didn’t grow up feeling beautiful because I was not treated well, but objectively speaking, I guess I’m still pretty good looking even in my late 30s. I’m still just a girl looking for one good man to love and cherish.

  • KM

    Maybe I’m being naive, but being considered a trophy doesn’t bother me. I know I’m intelligent, I make people laugh all the time, I’m a good conversationalist, good listener, people pay attention when I speak, I’m kind – what I’m saying is that I good things going on inside. So, if somebody wants to think I’m THAT beautiful, it’s like, “Hey, thanks!” I don’t come across as dumb or uninteresting, when people talk to me they engage in conversation, they don’t just stare. In light of all that, what’s wrong with people liking the way you look? I don’t expect a stranger who sees me from across the room to appreciate me for anything other than what I look like because they don’t know me. I don’t see it as a problem.

  • me_myself_and_I

    Not all guys are proud to be seen with a beautiful woman! There are plenty of men who get pissed off if their date is good looking! Maybe some guys love the attention but not all! I’ve dated many guys who treated me like shit because of their low self esteem. So please don’t generalize all men.