Dec 22

Guys lets be real here, many of you don’t like condoms and will do whatever tricks, manipulation or gimmicks to get out of wearing one. While this is stupid to the highest degree of where stupid goes, it still doesn’t stop you and if you have something itching it still isn’t enough of a deterrent to start now is it? So with that being said, if there was to be a version of the birth control pill given out for free to males that wanted it, would you be responsible enough to pop it before the deed? Would women trust their men to keep a schedule and take the pills daily like men trust women to do now? I highly doubt it… we’re just to forgetful.

The other thing about a birth control pill for men is the strong chance that it would give the Raw Dog Rangers even more of a pass to put their poisonous penises into every woman possible that cannot say no. This is a harsh reality for the future boyfriends of these now infected women… amirite? While I wish birth control could go both ways to slow the ebb and flow of poor unwanted babies being born to people that don’t deserve them, I beg to wonder whether it would make that much of a difference or not.

Women trust men immensely when it comes to sex even more than they fathom. Consider this, (and I warn you that this may be a tad too graphic for virgin eyes so skip to the next paragraph if you’re sheepish) I was watching an adult movie with one Mr. Marcus and a rather attractive woman going at it on a bed when he decided to get it from the back. Marcus was wearing a condom but when he got back there where she was doing her hip thing, I noticed that he kept rolling the thing down in an attempt to feel her naturally despite the reasoning for the condom in the first place. About 3 minutes later the condom had rolled off and was nonexistent and she looked back at him like “you motherfucker”. Coitus continued of course and the two of them seemed to be in mental heaven.

While I’m sure she felt like an ice cold Diet Coke in hell, I had to wonder… why was he strapped up to begin with? Did he or she not send in their weekly STD checkups or was she fertile and him not giving a crap decided if she gets pregnant this platinum sex experience was worth it! Now imagine if Mr. Marcus was Christopher who you met at the club ladies, and Chris is as fertile as black soil and decided that he wanted to feel you for all your goodness despite what you may or may not have or the fact that you will hit his lame ass up for child’s support later on? This is why I say that women have more trust than they know… you never know what we’re doing back there. Some of us are rolling down the condom!

So guys,  imagine if all you had to worry about was the STD… does that ease your minds a bit? Of course not! Unless you’re in a harem of virgin maidens, the worry is not going to make things better because you can get the ninja just like you can now without any male birth control.

Sure it’s wonderful to imagine the tables being flipped and the men having to be more responsible than rolling on a clear stocking (only to roll it off when you’re not aware) but since as far back as we can remember sex has caused many deaths due to STDs than we would even admit to. It is not worth it copy Mr. Marcus and say to hell with a strap, it isn’t only about the kids. Practice safe sex and remember that AIDS is still alive and well, kicking ass and taking lives. Keep it safe and have responsible sex, if you must feel the natural warmth of your lover then do what Akinyele would do…

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  • McThcik

    Men won’t ever be reliable about taking birth control. The main reason is not that we’re forgetful, but rather that we won’t get pregnant if we forget. This is why, fair or not, birth control has always and will always be a woman’s responsibility if she wants to be sure. STDs now are everyone’s responsibility.