Jul 01

man with woman

“I promise you that this is not about cat calls”

Many of us have been guilty of staying in a woman’s face even when we know that she isn’t going to be open to any of our advances. It’s a nervous tick that puts us at the mercy of a woman for fear of seeming rude, or mean for our actions.

But is it rude, or “mean” to politely break a conversation to attend to something else? Men will show up late to work, miss a bus, or any number of things just because a pretty girl was holding court on a subject he could care less about. It’s true–pretty women are magnets to unsure men–and a man doesn’t have to be shy to be guilty of this.

Some men are jerks and will cut a woman off just because there is some small pleasure in having the beauty be the awkward one. We do break off the conversation rudely (neg tactic) and we act like we could care less if it appears sudden or abrupt. The jerky wolves don’t care, it’s never about the woman’s feelings…but you know this. Most men aren’t this brazen and bold, most men are guilty of playing the listener in these exchanges and will hang out longer than necessary.

How about some compromise?

When in these types of situations, I like to think to myself “how would I react if she were a HE?” Trust me it works wonders; a guy who rambles on about nonsense is bypassed easily for more important things, so why should a woman that I don’t really want to be friends with be any different? I suspect that there are two reasons:

  1. She’s hot and you can stand there staring into her big, beautiful, brown eyes while she talks.
  2. Other men will see you with the beauty, and assume that you have some game about you.

Sometimes that inner, shy boy from our youth resurfaces and we find ourselves guilty of sticking around, glued to the ground and the sound of her voice. There may be some cleavage, some attraction, and maybe a fools chance that we will get to exchange numbers after she finishes.

There are even times when we know that the woman is off limits yet we stay. We approach the cute girl, break the ice, get some good conversation brewing and then she drops a bomb about having a fiance and we immediately lose interest–but we stay there, disappointed, but too bashful to move.

Men, there are easy ways out of the siren’s song without losing your soul. Consider these methods of escape from a woman’s trance:

  1. Jerky solution: Ask her if she wants a drink then vanish on her.
  2. Liar’s solution: Tell her that you have to take this call.
  3. Real man solution: Just wrap it up, tell her it was a pleasure meeting her and bounce.

It’s not so tough when you try it, but the key thing is to at least try it.

The boss bitches of the world who know enough about men to be dangerous will exploit the hell out of this weakness. Beautiful sharks use their beauty to excel at sales, ask for favors or just flat out rob you. With this in mind, learning how to remove yourself from a situation may be paramount.

How many of you reading can admit to being guilty of this? Are you willing to make the adjustment needed to leave a conversation that you’re no longer interested in? Think about it and decide whether it will make you a better man for doing it. After all the fault will always lie squarely on you (the man) for wasting your time when you could be pushing up on to a more interested lady.

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  • Main Street

    I’ll just be like hold my drink while I go to the men’s room and breeze on the bitch.

    • I needed a good laugh, the image of that happening in my head just made me smile. Nice.