Sep 16

Misty Copeland is beauty and grace combined into one awesome package of ballerina. She is one of the first African American female soloists for the American Ballet Theatre and is currently touring with Prince “The Artist” in concert.

If you don’t know about Misty, you have to consider the amount of drive and perseverance it takes to be a “raisin in a bowl of milk” in any venture. A world famous black NASCAR driver would not be “average”, nor would a standout black hockey player (if you’re going to invade, you have to be a spectacular invader). So to say that she was a gifted ballet prodigy that started dancing late should not shock you at all. she is very serious about her craft.

Misty has won numerous awards and has a flourishing career that most of us could only wish we had. and for the boys Misty is perfection – cute face, slender muscularity and curves that even 007 would find trouble maneuvering in his Aston Martin.

I’m getting all misty writing this. The woman is fire and I am sure that you all will agree.

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