Nov 29

Seriously, most guys aren’t alphas so the promise of sex from an attractive female will keep a dude around longer than he cares to admit. Young guys will lie and tell their peers that they “already hit it” or will keep her a secret until they finally do. This is due to guys not wanting to seem like suckers or weaklings for not being able to wrap it up in a couple weeks. There are guys out there who have gone a month, 2 months and even a year. Let’s not even talk about the guy who doesn’t have any male friends, he’ll go for a celibate chick and deal with it.

See for every ideal there is an ugly reality. On this site we broke down males into 3 categories: Hunter, Member of the Tribe and Sloth – renamed as Alpha, Beta and Omega. The three types are super general and many men exhibit traits of all 3 but the reality is Men aren’t that simple to categorize. It’s like this, for every aspect of manhood, there are about 5 variations of opinion from every individual guy. There are alpha males who will date a Meagan Good clone for a few months in hopes of getting it. While this is a major blow to their “alpha” title, they never receive the demerit because the other boys assume he got in bed with her by week 3!

Sure men talk big on blogs, bully up to laugh at the suckers who let it leak that they can’t talk their new date into bed etc. But in reality there are a lot more waiting than they would admit. Just like there are false women on blog comments pretending that they wait months to give up the ass there are guys on there lying that they won’t wait past a couple weeks. Come on folks we all can’t be that hard, admit it fellas if it was Natalie Portman stopping you anytime you try to get south of her happy trail (assuming she has one j/k) you would probably give it a month or two. The reality is however your friends would believe that you both had freaky Naboo sex 3 weeks in.

I’m just saying, this is for the women who read the comments and throw their hands up in the air. Commenters on blogs with huge comment totals tend to live idealistic, fantasy, internet lives. Why? Because of anonymity, nobody can check them on the truths. So all men pretend to be alpha dogs and all women pretend to be Beyonce Knowles. Nah there are tons of guys in relationships waiting for access and it is pretty sad. For every man law set there are a million suckers breaking em all in the desperate pursuit of some ass.

But ladies I do warn you – some great guys do put limits on their time and if you aren’t spreading after a couple weeks he may decide that you’re a flop and his time would be better spent elsewhere with someone who moves a tad bit faster.

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