Sep 04

generation kill

Ever wondered which movies and shows portray the profession of the individuals the best? Well a poll was taken up recently by me and a few other Cinephiles and the results were very surprising. Being a fan of shows such as The Wire, SouthLAnd, E.R., and Law and Order, it becomes very easy to allow the great directing and acting to blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

The following list are the movies and shows that the people who actually are in the profession portrayed will tell you is true to the source or at least.

Office Jobs

  • Office Space – It’s almost scary how accurate this movie is.
  • The IT Crowd – Apparently this British sitcom is a mirror of our lives in the computer field.


  • The Wire: Season 4 – Accurate portrayal of teaching in a rough inner city school.

Medical Profession

  • Scrubs – JD’s inner thoughts and the random  issues that occur out of nowhere seem to ring home with new Physicians.
  • E.R. – Depictions of nurses? Many agree that E.R. had it right… Hawthorne on the other hand, no.

Law Enforcement

  • The Wire – Police brass, beat cops, criminals and ambitious dealers. This show did its homework and delivered.
  • SouthLAnd – This show is perfect in every way when it comes to portraying police life.


  • My Cousin Vinny – Most accurate depiction of what courtroom dialogue in a criminal trial is like.
  • The Verdict – Law is boring to watch so Law and Order is not like real life.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer – Depicts the life of a lawyer extremely well.


  • Generation Kill – Just about everything from the lingo to the life of a Marine.
  • Jarhead – The psychology for military personnel in the 1990’s.
  • Black Hawk Down – Strategy, techniques and movement during fire fights.
  • Full Metal Jacket – The boot camp sequence and the Sniper decision.
  • Heat – Sure it’s a heist movie but the gun strategy came right off of the battlefield of our actual troops. Wasn’t a couple of the main guys ex-military in the movie too?
  • We Were Soldiers – Apparently Mel Gibson’s tale shows the “serious” side of the Vietnam war outside of the drugs and naiveté that other movies highlight.

See your profession? Did we miss anything that you swear by in terms of accurate portrayal? I ws very surprised by many of these (Scrubs really!?) but it’s the beauty behind our diverse professions.

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