Nov 15

Editor’s Note: This is the first article in an ongoing series I will be doing called – Music and Life (M&L) which is based on lyrics in songs that have influenced my thinking or reinforce a philosophy that I live by. Many of us live our lives through song without realizing it and I hope to enlighten you on some of the best lyrics from various genres that have helped me in one way or another. It’s philosophy but it’s fun philosophy that sounds oh so good.

This was my redemption song, it was a song that made me go “you know X is right, if you’re holding me back for too long I have every right to lash out and do something about it”. Granted the lyrics in their literal sense is about robbing to eat (slang for make money).

“Y’all been eating long enough now stop being greedy!
Just keep it real partner, give to the needy.
Ribs is touching so don’t make me wait!
Fuck around and I’m gon bite you and snatch the plate!”

For me it’s a mafia thing, you’re an earner and your boss or peer is benefiting off of you without any raises or bonuses so you say “stop being greedy, give me some of that”. DMX however is looking at it as a straight up robbery though so people who know the song will no doubt take some issue with the way I see it – but this is the beauty of music, someone says it and you translate it and make it your own personal thing. DMX is saying that this person is living extremely well while he’s barely getting by, so he is going to rob that guy and take his money for himself. That’s the literal meaning of “Stop Being Greedy”. It’s a cold-blooded street anthem and the reality is that many guys think that way… hence burglaries.

When I was working for the man, he was slaving us and showing off his limited edition sports cars while we barely made enough to pay our rents. It was bullshit but I did what it was I had to do to stop starving, I learnt the business, got up from under him and took what was his. Sure he’s still eating but so am I, that’s what the lyrics in this song means for me. I don’t envy another man’s haves, I get mine even if it means snatching some of his. It’s shark business etiquette 101 and “Stop Being Greedy” is one of my anthems for it.

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