Mar 14

Editor’s Note: Fresh from the article haven of Ashy 2 Classy, guest author “Goddess Intellect” writes about her own journey into being accused of “thinking too much”. As men we have been guilty of thinking as much when our beloved ladies start in on the 100 questions and whenever our simple answers are transformed into the O.J. trial from a woman’s Grand Inquisition. Check out the post over at and join in on the conversation. Here’s a snippet:

…they’re damn right- I do think a lot. I think about my future, sporting the entire BCBG spring collection and the many tasks and obligations I keep convincing myself I can get done before their due dates. To my detriment I have also thought myself out of relationships, taking risks in life and I’ve even persuaded myself to make many poor decisions even though I was well aware of the consequences. Conversely, I’ve also thought myself into successful and loving endeavors.

Our minds are our greatest asset and worst enemy. The statement, “you think too much” bothered me because I knew that my mind was responsible for conjuring up some mess in the past along with its sidekick emotion- paranoid, jealous, presumptuous messes…

[ Click here to read the rest on “It’s True, Us Women Think too much!” ]

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