Dec 23

“The End is important in all things” – Yamamoto Tsunetomo (Hagakure)

In this great pursuit of the good life, I think that one of my biggest fears is that I will get to that big apple in the sky and forget why it is I sought it out in the first place. Something about the grind, the ups and downs, and the people that we meet has a way of twisting and changing our course to where we end up old, lacking focus and only knowing how to seek for more.

This is a depressing end to a journey isn’t it? You see epic movies and stories like Lord of The Rings, where an end goal is stated and fought for and in the end when the heroes have achieved it, they gather around, raise their tankards and breathe out in relief of having thwarted that danger, defeated that grand dragon or rescued the fair maiden. When an entrepreneur reaches financial freedom, I would hope that he/she would do the same, albeit differently like breaking a $1,000 bottle on the belly of the yacht, ordering 3 escorts and ravaging them for a night or taking the friends out to your favorite restaurant and toasting “to the future”. Being a slave to my passion is not an ideal end for me to see.

When we see seasoned warriors of the money game on television and shows, we are shown an old man that has lost the ability to slow down. Greedy tycoons with more money than god, who sees that as not being enough, they want more. If “more” is the end goal then they are already successful, the money only grows while their age pulls them south to the inevitable grave. My end goal is not “more”, so to become 70, wealthy and believing that my goal is to achieve “more” would be akin to Frodo Baggins getting to the top of Mount Doom and deciding that he cannot live without the One True Ring.

It is a sad reality for a man to live only to work, this is the thoughts of a worldly lover of pleasure like me. To be twisted into that guy, for the lack of knowing anything else… now that just seems depressing. So I took upon myself to commit my path, my goals and my method of getting there to a visual board. This board stays in plain view within my office so that at the end of the long day, I know what it is I work for.

Do you know what it is you work for? Is work a part of life for you, or is it a means to an end? For me I don’t believe I will be happy until I truly have the means to build and create without the worry of having to clock in on a weekly basis. Financial freedom is a goal which will grant me an open mind, a semi-drunk stupor and pleasured bodice to create art like no tired, burnt out writer can. Have you realized your fear?

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