Feb 13

feminist stomp

Recently in the wonderful world of Twitter the hashtag #TellAFeministThankYou mysteriously began to trend. As was expected the hateful were there to talk about bad men and the trolls were out full force to tell women to get back in the kitchen, stay ugly, and stay lonely and single… because that’s what feminists are… right?

I’ve always wondered if self-labeled “feminists” do anything outside of post angry replies on blogs, sign online petitions and tweet… but I guess that’s modern day activism for you – tweets, snark and the buzzword of the day MISOGYNY!

The term feminist has gone from a word which once had meaning to something mutated, unsure of itself, and many times contradictory of its purpose (depends on which “feminist” you talk to) so to say that a few guys and gals were annoyed by this hashtag is an understatement.

The following are some of my favorite replies; I’ve labeled them by who I believe is behind the statement but each had its own merit in the great conversation of feminism and the need for thanks!

The Insightful: #TellAFeministThankYou But in 2013, what is a feminist really? Someone who reads Nora Ephron and doesn’t shave their underarms? Too much? – @TrelawnySara

The Ray of Hope: To all the women and men who have and will continue to promote equality in all aspects of human life around the world #TellAFeministThankYou – @forneymegan

The Ass-Kicking Mom: #TellAFeministThankYou For not dating my respectable, honorable, door opening sons. I would not be too happy if one if you came to dinner – @Dawn_Kennedy2

The Maiden: #TellAFeministThankYou for being the reason why men let the door shut on my face instead of holding it open. – @FairestKayofNJ

The Young Gentleman: #TellAFeministThankYou to Dad for teaching me that being a strong man means embracing the strength in women, not suppressing it #NoDoorMats – @SpecBoogie

The Hawte: #TellAFeministThankYou is trending. I would participate, but I’m in the kitchen making my man a post-coital sandwich. – @ChireBailey

The Snark: #TellAFeministThankYou for helping to abort all those black babies nobody wants. – @darlingdelilah

The Realist: #TellAFeministThankYou for making so many chicks in this world UNBELIEVABLY unbearable from the jump so I don’t have to waste time with them – @Tark31

The Cynical: #TellAFeministThankYou- Most of the feminists I know wouldn’t thank me for thanking them for anything, they’d call me a “patronising pig” – @Yanzerman

The Beta Male: #TellAFeministThankYou – many thanks to @BillBailey, @SirPatStew & other male feminists, for showing others ‘what a feminist looks like’! – @Cavalorn

As you can see there were many mixed opinions on this hashtag and I have stated my own opinion on it but I would love to hear yours. Do you have any reason to tell a feminist “thank you”? I saw many women being praised on Twitter who have come out and publicly declined the label due to their love for men (their words not mine). What are your thoughts on this hash tag?

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  • McThick

    Just as it would be impossible for me to thank Slobodan Milosevic for teaching me about tolerance and equality, it would be impossible to thank a feminist for almost anything. Feminism, in it’s current form, is a very successful and poorly focused institution. Having accomplished almost all of their goals in reference to ‘equality’ and ‘freedom’, they now cast about for anything that points out differences in gender and characterize that as a male attack upon their rights. The new goal, completely unstated, is to propel women into a special, protected class. The irony here is that the self-proclaimed ‘strong’ women that are a part of this movement are, apparently, not strong enough to level the playing field on their own. Instead, they must rely upon the male-dominated legal and governmental structure of their country of choise to legislate, enforce, and fund their protection.

    Let’s look at who REALLY holds the privileges here:

    1) Women are now allowed to choose the direction of their lives. They can choose the traditional role of home and hearth or they can go into the workplace. Men have a responsibility to go into the workplace. Which is a privilege and which is a duty?

    2) Hiring managers are required, when screening applicants, to consider the number of women on their staff. Furthermore, despite hiring a woman as a junior employee, they must be careful to make sure her salary is commensurate with a more senior male employee, despite a lack of experience. No managers have to ask if they have enough men in their department, even when they have none.

    3) A woman in the workplace may, at any time, claim that the environment is hostile or ‘uncomfortable.’ This simple accusation can ruin the careers of multiple men, whether or not the allegations are true. Men do not enjoy this privilege.

    4) Women are allowed to join the military in combat roles. Men are required to register for a draft.

    There are a lot more..

    It comes down to this: I will hold the door for any woman, I do this because that is how I was raised (incidentally, by my mother) and because it is the right thing to do. When I do that, I expect a thank you. Feminists choose instead to take advantage of the open door, and then sneer at me for being a gentleman.

    • disqus_EwD9KO4mnr

      real talk. i had to tweet the last paragraph.

  • It seems to me that women want it all these days.

    They want the door open, but don’t want to say thank you. They want the attention but want to make us walking sexual harassment suits. Lets not start on the wallet thing too…