Oct 19

My first “smart phone” was a Blackberry. I came into the game late bypassing the large, full qwerty pad monstrosities (that business people carried like a badge of honor) and started my fellowship with a smaller phone that lumped the letters together. Today, I own the newest brand of T-Mobile’s family of Blackberries, it’s small, has a full qwerty keyboard and a touch pad for all the sliding that I need on apps. The phone is great for my needs; I answer my client’s emails, write hundreds of articles and tweet nonsense whenever I have a break. Little did I know that loving this phone had put me on the uncool team of a popularity contest.

The iPhone craze of yesteryear ushered in a cult following to Apple that has caused the geeks of the world to look down on the company. To them IPhones are now dumb, useless toys, meant to cull the ignorant masses’ want to be in with modern tech and no serious IT head would champion this popular brand. This is the sentiment I get from a certain sector of my nerdy world. The other sector is pro-iPhone, citing how the company is the Ford of smart phones, leading the charge and everything else. One friend even refers to his phone as the God phone.

Almost daily I am being accosted by an iPhone loyalist or a Droid elitist asking me why I haven’t joined the team yet. While it used to be fun and games the volume has made me realize that it is serious. People are championing brands the same way people champion the street that they grew up on. I have never understood the need to kill for a block that you don’t monetarily own so I damn sure don’t understand the need for people to rep their phone and provider. What is this?

Recently I had one iPhone homer make it his goal to annoy me over RIM’s Blackberry issues that were happening over in the UK. Somehow I had become the Blackberry ambassador just for owning one… I dismissed him and kept it moving. The thing is I have a wonderful tablet that uses the Android operating system. I go to bed sometimes watching Netflix on my iPod. Being loyal to anything usually comes with an equal amount of favors being brought back to me from the person or thing. I have no stock in any of my gadgets as they are merely tools which I use to make life easier. Does this make me strange to the iPhone super heroes? By the way, this article was written on a Blackberry while waiting in line.

Why is it so important for people to champion a phone and company as if they own it? Do you own a phone that isn’t the Droid OS or Mac? Do you ge flack for it as much as I do? Speak your mind.

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