Jan 29

jaime pressly cleaning ballsSo Axe has always been great at playing up to the inner perv in us all with their commercials involving chicks ripping off clothes, giving it up in libraries and licking chocolate men on trains (I can sooooo get down with this) – but this time around, I think they have outdone themselves. Presenting the Axe Ball Cleaner with actress Jaime Pressly (a certified lady Dragon) as tennis champ Monica Blake – cleaning balls and demonstrating the product quite effectively. The funniest part of the ad has to be when hostess Denese Saintclaire begins playing with a pair of golfballs… you just have to see it.

Good job Axe, I even remember the product you are really selling AFTER seeing the ad, so it works! Hell I’ll probably pick it up next time I’m out shopping., just in case it comes with a Jaime Pressly to scrub the… nevermind, I gotta go cool off. Peace!

NEW! Axe Addresses Controversy:

AXE has issued a Press Conference to answer your concerned comments about this offensive commercial. You can see the video conference here.

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  • AnT MaN

    that was freakin’ hilarious lol i actually bought the axe scrubber before i even knew this commercial existed now everytime i wash myself in the shower ima think about them girls scrubbing b@lls lol ツ

  • I was completely offended when I saw this commercial. They’re showing it during prime time when families are together so CHILDREN are seeing this crap! When is it ever going to be enough? I mean, we’re inundated with the commercials to “increase the size of that certain part” for male enhancements during Family time now! And these people are talking about scrubbing and playing with balls and that guy asking about his “ball sack”!

    Definately NOT funny! Disgusting and offensive. Our kids are subjected to enough during school and in the malls, can you not at least run the commercials when ONLY adults will be watching. Please!!!!!!

    • Linda

      I totally agree and made my own comment, I think it’s purely disgusting.

    • Finkelstein Shit Kid

      Get over it. If I’ve got to watch some broad with a smelly coochie-pop ask her mom if “..she has that not so fresh feeling” then you can watch someone scrub a couple balls. Then again, you’re probably so uptight that you’ve never even been concerned with rotten crotch.

    • gfan

      I find it funny you say to air such commercials when ADULTS are watching. Most adults go to bed early for work, kids stay up longer most of the time. Have you ever caught your kids staying up past bed time? Plus you see this commercial mostly during PRIME TIME which is when the MOST PEOPLE are watching which means it’s the BEST WAY to get NEWS OF A PRODUCT to the consumer. It’s simple marketing. Besides, if you pay attention, the commercials don’t air on every channel. You won’t be seeing this commercial on Disney channel or anything geared towards family friendly television. (and if you do, it’s at late night)

      On top of that, sex is apart of life. Kids learn about it eventually. Schools often give kids “The Talk” at 5th or 6th Grade. The first time I heard about sex was in 5th Grade when we had a presentation on puberty and physical development that people go through during middle school and high school. So you really can’t get away from it.

      Sex is just a natural part of life, it’s ONLY CONSIDERED A TABOO SUBJECT because RELIGIOUS NUTS say it’s EVIL unless you do it for the single purpose to have children. I could go on and on about religion and the concept of sex being “evil” and how silly the idea is however, it would be a waste of my time to type that much. All I have to say is, sex is just a part of life, and running around saying “that is disgusting, vile, and wrong” is just proof of the ignorance and stupidity of our parents, grandparents, and all our ancestors that was blindly pounded into each successive generation and will continue to spread for who know how long.

      As far as the commercial goes, it was lame. If my memory serves me right, I think there was an old SNL skit that did something like that. So, it’s not original, full of childish innuendos, and talked about cleaning a place on the male body as if soap couldn’t do the same thing. It’s obvious that the ad is aimed towards a more immature audience such as teenagers.

    • JoeyZazza

      Two words… Lighten Up

      Gee, some people take thjemselves Sooooooooooo seriously.

  • kpoore

    I thought the commercial was very offensive. I USED to buy this product for my son, but never again. I will not support such lude advertising tactics.

    • Finkelstein Shit Kid

      So your kid has to walk around with a stinky sack? Taking it a bit far, aren’t you?

    • name required

      Lude? Perhaps you mean lewd?

      Lude: Abbreviation for the pharmeceutical named Quaalude. It was used in the 1960s and 1970s as an anxiolytic, for the treatment of insomnia, and as a sedative. It became highly popular for recreational use in the 1980’s, particularly in California. The active ingredient is Methaqualone, a depressant which is now a schedule 1 substance in the United States. It is still available for prescription in Canada.

      I love lude advertising. Besides, if there are constant ads for butt-lubes running advertising increased female orgasms, I hardly think a soap commercial that does not run on channels frequently watched by kids qualifies as offensive. I suspect we have a troll and I just fell for it. Troll on, lude.

  • Bob

    I agree with the two posters above who disapproved. I found the ad appalling and vaguely offensive.

    • Finkelstein Shit Kid

      Go wash your own balls and shut the hell up!

  • Linda Reed

    I think that Axe commercial needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY. The time of day it airs is when children are watching TV, there is enough foul ideas out there without promoting them on television to the young set. What were you people thinking????

    • Finkelstein Shit Kid

      You madam are an idiot.

      • someone

        look Finkelstein Shit Kid, you’ve posted your opinion 6 times on here. We get it. You’re immature and you think a disgusting commercial like that is funny. Grow up. Where’s the modesty on TV anymore? Axe has taken it a little too far. Yes, sex sells I agree completely but does that mean they have to be so nasty about it? First of all your balls shouldn’t be that dirty. If you have to scrub THAT hard…you’re just as disgusting as the commercial. Axe should limit to which channels and times this airs because children are not the ones buying the axe scrubbers adults are and research the statistics, more adults watch TV at night after their children are asleep. So if AXE was smart about it they would have it on later anyways. They’re trying to be the first to have an ad so appalling and for what? To be known for something so childish? Dumb move on their marketing department.

  • Ok… I mean at first I laughed, then I was dumbstruck.

    I mean at the comments, not the video.

    Here’s a couple fun facts: This commercial came out about a year ago. It’s 2:46 minutes in length.

    Those are really all the facts you need to consider, which it seems most here did not. A 2:46 commercial means it’s not being slipped in during your kids saturday morning cartoon lineup. If you wanted to see it, you had to go look for it. Do you have the same rage for Herbal Essences commercials? where women sniff it and have an orgasm? Cuz those actually run on tv. I’ve never seen this commercial until it was posted here.

    And for you to suddenly be raging over an old commercial is a bit silly. I’m sure there’s a tidal wave of new horrors you can “save da kids” from since then.

    Either I’m looking at a bunch of trolls, or some church website accidentally linked to this site.

    Oh, and by the way, this is a mens lifestyle site. There’s half naked women here. Someone better start protecting you from yourself.

  • Patrick

    Haha this was a funny commercial. I saw it twice on comedy central around 11 pm. I’m not sure that any child that can’t handle that commercial should already be in bed. Calm down ladiessssss.

  • katrina

    I thought the commercial was sooo damn funny. As a mother of five young kidz I can see how some parents might freak out. However, you have to ask yourself does my 7 year old kid really know what a ballsack is? I mean really. Its ment to be an enuendo. Kids cartoons are full of them. Watch almost any cartoon and they’re in there. They put subtle hints of sex and whatnot because it goes right over the kids heads ( because children are innocent and don’t have their mind in the gutter). Remember, its just a commercial that demonstrates how to properly clean sports equipment not a how to guide on how to check for prostate cancer.

  • Terribly inappropriate. Her hand fondles those balls for literally 10 seconds. Disgusting.

    • Finkelstein Shit Kid

      WTF is wrong with you people? No sense of humor at all. I bet you think Sanford and Son was too risque too, didn’t you?

  • Suzanne

    I thought this commercial was hysterical. It was on in the middle of the day, but I’m watching Comedy Central, which I doubt any kids also have on. It’s a very funny commercial that isn’t on during Dora or Hannah Montana, so calm down. Or pay attention to what your kid is watching (outside of commercials too).

  • Hey Cadillac

    For many of us this is a new commercial. I’ve just seen this commercial on TV for the first time recently. I’ve not seen it before this or know how long it’s been around. I also found this site by doing a google search. Had nothing to do with trolls or churches Mr. Einstein. I didn’t know about this site either before a few minutes ago. I just wanted to see the comments.

    This is a lewd and disgusting commercial. Looks like it was done by a 7th grader.

    It may not be shown during morning cartoons, but it IS being shown during prime time when children may be watching.

    Maybe you need to get your facts straight genius.

    • Finkelstein Shit Kid

      He Mr. Mormon. GFY!

  • Gunluvr

    It is a disgusting and offensive commercial. Garbage like that should be shown on HBO or some other venue of scum to the moral and sexual deviants that it appeals to. One good thing about living in a Muslim country is that people who make commercials like this one are dealt with by the religious police by being put under the jail and flogged.

    • Finkelstein Shit Kid

      Get over it. If I’ve got to watch some broad with a smelly coochie-pop ask her mom if “..she has that not so fresh feeling” then you can watch someone scrub a couple balls. Then again, you’re probably so uptight that you’ve never even been concerned with rotten crotch. Now go bomb something.

  • Rudee

    My name is Rudee and I approve this video

  • Larry

    Wow, I am impressed with all the self righteous whiners about the commercial. In our world, we see people being blown up or tattered from a real war, on the news all the time, yet a silly commercial is appalling? Get over yourselves, and worry about the horrors that really exist in our lives right now, rather than a little humorous double entendre commercial.

  • Hey Fink

    Your use of expletives shows your lack of character and how utterly crude you are.

    People like you are what’s wrong with our society. You are part of the PROBLEM and not the solution.

    Get over yourself and try to improve – if you can.

  • jen4416

    I thought this commercial was funny, they ain’t cursing or showing any body parts. Come on people the commercial was funny, and i know id rather have someone with clean balls than dirty balls LMAO

  • Hey Fink

    You keep referencing these “not so fresh” commercials — tell me, when was the last time you actually saw one?

    Using actual facts, rather than just making up shit, would probably make a more convincing argument.

    Axe markets to 14 year old boys and this ad is probably right on their level. I personally don’t have an issue with the ad… I have more of an issue with Axe itself. Who the hell wants to smell like a junior high locker room?

  • you are watching this commercial with your kids? How the hell do you thing the kids got here in the first place!

  • G17

    Everyone plz calm down I mean come on no matter how parents “try” to protect their kids from this appalling.commercial they are gonna hear about this stuff anyway from their bad influence friends…trust me I kno

    You are gonna have to tell ur kidz ’bout this sooner or later then they’ll get curious and try things…i had friends who did that..not cool at all. I thought the vid was funny so did my friends…they’ll think inappropriate if they hear somethn inappropriate based on that

  • Ali

    Come on gals loosen up!
    While I agree it shouldn’t be seen on prime time, If your kid is in the room and sees this ,then don’t react to the commercial in front of them. Most Kids (Not all) 5th grade and below will not get the tongue in cheek kind of ribbing,not unless you make a big deal of it or react in any kind of startled way .Reaction of any kind will make it standout ,especially if your upset. Remember what ever makes a parent cringe is cool to a kid. Kids above 5th grade already talk about all of this type of stuff ,VERY openly,whether parents like it or not. If they ask about it,just say without any real emotional reaction, look kiddo it might make some people feel uncomfortable if you joke about this,so it’s best not to joke about it or talk about it, then leave it be. Scolding and such will only make em pay attention to it more. Hey look I am 48 year old gal, I don’t watch rated R movies, and I am a Religious gal.
    But I am a realist , and I have to say I bought blew my drink out of my nose from laughing so hard. I was a tomboy growing up and heard many “guy”jokes,so to me this was a guy type of Animal House,Bluto type of Chuckle type of joke.

    If you didn’t grow up around guys then yea this may offend you,but the age group they are going after are the high school -collage age, Jock type guys. These ARE the ones that kid like this ALL the time. Weather you like this or not Boys will be boys. I also have to ask you what were your kids watching? Football,baseball? Then it would be expected. If it were Comedy Central,or SpikeTv ,even the Gamer channels,then you WILL have to expect this,if not then it’s time to block the channel or at least turn the channel during halftime .When I saw this,I was watching Spike Tv ( My fav) Spike is hands on a guy channel little one should NOT be watching Spike and most guy channels moms,DVR their tv and watch it with them speed past the commercials,little ones should not be watching tv by themselves any way…This commercial reminds me of the SNL Skit Schweddy Balls With Peter Schweddy! hahaha

  • Kellyn

    I absolutely LOVE this commercial! I think it is hysterical. I’m female and I do have a sense of humor. Lighten up, people… and parents – if you find this so offensive, there’s the clicker – change the channel. That’s your job – to monitor what your kids watch. It’s not the FCC’s job. Deal with it.

    • John Butz

      Disagree. It certainly is FCC’s job to set limits. This commercial should not be aired. It’s dumb anyway.

  • Balls_but_no_brains

    I think this commercial is stupid because:

    a) it uses corny puns that I’ve heard a million times before ( the balls-pun is old guys, come up with a more original joke if you’re so stubborn to make me laugh, this balls-pun is so damn old I swear you could find it on the walls of some old prehistoric cave )

    b) it loses sight of the product, it just focuses on dirty puns and not on why the product is good

    c) it’s inappropriate for the younger audience

    d) it doesn’t have a universal appeal, it uses a type of humor that only SOME people like: why would you come up with a concept that ”plays to the perv in me” and not with one that is universally accepted ? Because you lost side of what you were supposed to be doing: promoting a product, not puns.

    If the sales have gone up due to this vulgar commercial, all that Axe’s rivals need to do is make an even dirtier commercial. If stupid commercials (that aren’t even funny) make you buy a product you are dumb and easy to manipulate. I’m going to buy a product cause two hot chicks were talking about some balls….pathetic.