Oct 05

I don’t get how men can have premature perspiration… I mean, with enough practice in the room by yourself, you should at least figure out how to hold it in for a few minutes. I mean look, I have done a lot of hard work in my time with some very hot partners and I normally perspire all over myself by the time I’m finished. What I haven’t done however… is perspire prematurely before I even start the work. How fair would that be?

What’s up with some of you guys? Okay look, I apologize, I know sometimes perspiration can be clinical and unavoidable so I don’t mean to sound calloused. But for the people without an explanation for themselves you can rest assured that AXE Deodorant has developed an answer to your problem.

Now this was absolutely hilarious, and while there weren’t any balls being scrubbed by delicious super models and actresses, I know exactly what’s going to happen to this hilarious ad campaign… Many people will laugh at the double entendre (guilty) while some very vocal sticks in the mud will argue that it is: misogynist, hyper masculine, hetero-normative, sexist, immature and racist Did I miss any of the male, feminist, superhero buzzwords?

Well don’t perspire all over yourself getting mad over it doggie, lighten up and wipe that sweat!

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