Dec 21

american girl in italy

Researchers found that evolution is the answer to why women play games and treat men cruelly in and out of relations.

According to a new study (reported in the European Journal of Personality) women play hard to get in order to test a man’s commitment. The “game” is meant to see how much a man will put up with so as to convince the woman that he will stay around after pregnancy.

The study, which utilized over 58 strategies that women typically use on their men, asked 1,500 men and women which strategies worked best.

The results from this study reported that women are more successfully when they:

  • Appear highly self-confident
  • Talking other people
  • Withhold sex
  • Talk with sarcasm
  • Always sound busy
  • Tease
  • Flirt with other men
  • Turn down the first few dates

Editor’s Note: I don’t know about this study as any of the above would drive a man like myself to go talk to a woman who is bound to play less games or is generally more mature when it comes to dating. This study seems to have been done with a bunch of scrubs who are desperate for any woman’s attention.

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  • Frank

    I have no time for mean women. Like the song and the cereal said, “silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.” A real man does not let anyone bust his chops when it is not deserved. Sounds like try-outs for PMS camp. Too many intelligent and decent women out there looking for real men to settle for chump change. I’m with the Dragon on this one.

  • Atlanta_Man

    I have to agree. The minute a woman starts flirting with the server at a restaurant I’ve taken her to, or has to play with her dogs, or mow her grass, or is always busy… NEXT!

  • Don Stemple

    I agree with the Editor’s Note – pass

  • The Man With A Big Heart

    Good article.