Dec 07
wounded cop

Photo by: Ed Reed of The New York Post

It’s pretty funny how different cops are viewed in movies versus real life. In life we think of them mostly as doughnut popping harassers who racially profile people out of boredom and bully the guys that used to kick their asses back in High School—just being honest here.

In movies you have a few who are written to echo our thoughts but on the other side you have super cops, who push through shoot outs with military trained bad guys, take shots to the chest and walk it off, and have dead-eye aim when the beef starts to cook.

A Real Life Super Cop

Today’s man of the hour is a guy who channeled his inner “movie cop” and did what many of us would view as amazing. NYPD Cop Ivan Marcano was off duty when he saw 3 men assaulting a cab driver; rushing in to help as he announced that he was a Police Officer – Ivan caught a bullet to the chest and the crooks sped off in their vehicle.

The men eventually crashed and Ivan got out of his car to pursue them on foot, wounded and bleeding from the bullet wound. Taking cover behind some cars he killed one of them with a head shot fired with his offhand (beast mode).

Ivan later made it to the hospital where he was treated and realized how lucky he was that the bullet had narrowly missed his heart. He was promoted to the rank of Detective while in recovery for his brave actions under fire.

“Following his training and instincts, and no doubt fueled by adrenaline, Officer Marcano brought the fight to his assailants while seriously injured… For his heroism, his steely resolve and selfless devotion to duty, it was my pleasure to join with Mayor Bloomberg at Officer Marcano’s bedside this morning to promote him to detective”NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly

The other 2 men have been apprehended as one turned himself in soon after and the driver was picked up later on by the police. I guess it’s safe to say that some Cops actually do get down like the ones on the movies.

Read more about Ivan’s martial valor over at The New York Daily News.

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