Apr 18

Many non Asian guys (of the anime and video game persuasion) wonder why their lust for Asian women is frowned upon and ridiculed and I thought to explain it through this article. The reason for this is that it’s become such a norm in nerd society that it is beginning to lose it’s negativity and seeming like a normal trait of anyone who plays games. Let’s break down in list form what you have to do in order to be considered a part of the problem.

You have an Asian fetish if:

  • You utter the words “omg she is sooo Asian!”.
  • You see Asian women not for their looks or personality but for their “features”
  • You envision your future Asian wife in a kimono and waiting at home to greet her nerd-san at the door.
  • You imagine that sex with an Asian girl is like a Japanese porno where she screams continuously while you devour all of her goodies with your manliness.
  • You get excited because she reminds you of your favorite video game character or anime.
  • You start taking Japanese or Chinese language courses in order to attempt to speak with her in her parent’s language.
  • You think that buying Asian products like pocky sticks, instant noodles and other items makes you Asian.
  • You study Martial Arts and Martial Philosophy.
  • Asian girls are so hot that you even begin to look at the guys!
  • If an Asian girl has a tan or a darker complexion you say “ewww”. East Asians only!
  • You’re a master at using chopsticks.

How many of these apply to you? If you scored more than 6 then you are a bad, bad nerd… for the record I scored a 2, I do Martial Arts and can catch a fly with some chopsticks (well not exactly).

Asian Women are people not accessories

One friend told me to get an Asian girlfriend so that we could have a matching set when we went out to eat. Sure he was joking but I know there are guys out there who genuinely think like this.

Asian Women are partly to blame

Yes Asian girls I am blaming the victim too, I have seen enough girls soaking up the attention to know that there are some who love it. PLUS you don’t speak up about it and you’re too polite to tell a nerd to get out of your face. So while a handful of Asian girls will feel me on this article many will say they are good with the attention. If this doesn’t apply to you then great but I know it applies to many – especially the attention whores that cosplay. Observe:

In Conclusion

We all have fetishes to a certain degree but it becomes wrong when a race is your fetish and not necessarily it’s people. If you are guilty of over 6 items on my above list then ask yourself this. How does this sentence sound to you if someone came up and said it:

“Dude did you see that girl over there she is so fine, she is soooo East European, I’ve always wanted to date an East European girl!”

Wouldn’t you be like “ooookay, I get that you dig her background, but what does she look like?” See the problem? Most fetish nerds don’t care, it’s all about the fact that they’re Asian and therein lies the problem, if you can differentiate between an Asian girl you find beautiful and another that you find plain, then this doesn’t so much apply to you. The guilty ones will scream the loudest and I am sure they’re pissed off at me. Gomennasai! ^_^

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  • This is mad sad but so funny at the same time! The funny thing is ITS true! I remember my cousin used to date a dude that loved asian chicks and anime…we called him anime porn…lol!! He even liked her I think because she had slanty eyes. He was always pimpin out anime porn on the net too….lol

  • Jayden Fong

    Asian women can benefit from the asian fetish, they get more possible partners to select from. That said, anything that objectifies people is terrible.