May 16

serena williams

Hate is an International habit but I swear that we of the internet have it mastered over everyone else. Whenever a celebrity crosses over into a different realm of entertainment (yes this includes sports), the first thing people look forward to is their failing – hard. It’s this attitude of “how dare they try and be good at more than one thing” which confuses me.

The news of Serena Williams making a rap song hit Facebook and Twitter like a storm and blogs everywhere quickly jumped on it to offer up a critique “it’s aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight” seemed to be the consensus, corny, cliché but not necessarily terrible. Why did Serena do this? Well if you follow the tennis legend you would realize that her being young, single and richer than hell allows her to do what she likes off-season, including dabbling in fashion, modeling, making naughty commercials and yes having fun via whatever avenue she so chooses. Who wouldn’t?

I recall the rumblings when Will Smith first made a move towards acting, since it was not an acceptable thing for rappers to branch out. Since Will made it in the movie business and blazed a path in his wake for other rappers to make the switch (if they so choose), we have seen other celebrities bounce around between their chosen craft and the cinema. So why the hate?

Not to say that Serena Williams will retire her tennis racket to colab with 2 Chainz anytime soon, but why should she have to negate trying? Why do we fear so much that a gifted person who applies themselves may actually be good at something else? Why did fans want Michael Jordan to fail so badly when he switched to baseball? Do we really believe that people should only get paid for being good at one single, solitary thing?

Leonardo Da Vinci was a celebrity in his day; a gifted artist, an inventor and somewhat of a scientist who pioneered many techniques that we use even today. I wonder if the ancient Italians threw hate at the genius by telling him he should just paint and throw those stupid inventions away…

What makes Serena Williams rapping badly and laughed at any different than a popular YouTUBE kid making a bad rap song? Both warrant a listen right? And both will probably either be dissed and laughed at by their audience, or spread on social networks with props as “the next best thing”. Look, Shaquille Oneal made a pretty damn good run with the rap thing back in the 90’s, Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) is doing the hybrid rap/acting thing like a champion, and Lil Wayne is now skateboarding.

Believe it or not, some people have different interests!

When a person “hates”, it tends to be reflective of their self-esteem, self-image, and willingness to be a crab in a bucket. We all can do better at listening, or watching before passing judgment (myself included) and we ought to realize that celebs can try any other venue a lot easier than we can. So calm down already and allow people to shine. If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s what all the fuss is about...

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  • I happen to love Serena’s beat…. very much in keeping it real baby… go Serena….