Apr 25

This is another classic video on the way Blue-collared males are received by high income, high education females but it illustrates another problem with this common trope. The video shows the lengths that a man will go through sometimes just to get a romp in the sack but I will give this man a pass… chances are he is uber-rich and this was more of a revenge-f#$!

Let’s examine the facts – A woman’s attraction to a man is heavily based on our perceived income, assets and power… Handsome mob bosses take note! If you lack the following then you better be handsome and a maestro of the sex-arts. Feminists can argue against this until they are blue in the face but study after study has shown this to be true.

I love that the video takes shot at both sexes though because the man saw her, had to have her, and then went out and bought a suit and a Nazi sled, just to get a one-night with the bird brain. While I’m not mad at him (if this were a Jennifer Aniston movie women would love it), I do believe a prostitute who looks a little like her would have been cheaper… being that it was all about the sex.

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  • yea the prostitute would have been waaaaay cheaper but at least now he can say im just a janitor but i hit it first lol

  • Tony

    Seems more of a once you bring your nose down from the sky, I’m just as good as the money guy.