Nov 16

“Yo, the Older God put me on how to rock this, maintain 360 law and live prosperous. It only takes a lesson a day, just to analyze life, one time in a respectable mind” Ghostface Killa

I am a happy bastard, in the literal sense of the word. Let me explain, when I was a boy I lacked a father, the reasons are beside the point so let me just say I am the black male stereotype. I grew up with a strong mother who had several failed relationships, I am semi-successful but a product of my environment so running off to marry some chick is somewhere at the bottom of my list of priorities along with things like travel the world and cure Cancer.

While I didn’t have a father around, my mother’s outgoing nature led us to having tons of people around, some of which were some real men of honor. Of all the Sages that I was blessed to learn from, none stands out more than the old men. They would dole out free advice, tell you about their lives and leave a boy with jewels that were irreplaceable.

People who don’t know shit on blogs go on about the importance of a two family household but they do not mention the importance of real men around boys who have no father. The jewels those old men left me with were things that made me who I am today. I remember those war veterans who recanted stories of brotherhood, sacrifice and the aspect of an ungrateful country. I remember that old Cuban gentleman who assured me that beyond color there was a bigger picture. The Uncle who showed me how to run a business like a Don, and a handful of weaker men who showed me how NOT to act around someone else’s kids.

For every negative and positive, just being around the Older Gods was a continuous study. Some were womanizers which is hilarious because for all the approval of this lifestyle that movies and television shows, in reality the womanizers weren’t applauded. It was almost treated as if they had a sickness that was a real hush, hush affair amongst the gents. It was all important and it made me realize the importance of that saying “it takes a village to raise a child”.

A message to single mothers

I don’t know it all but from personal experience I can say that without a father, a boy needs men in his life to help make things logical in this world. Television is fantasy, your version of the world is abstract and biased, but there is no full picture like that of 10 different men giving their personal views of life. Uncles, teachers, neighbors and friends are all as important as dad for a boy. I cannot even fully explain the clarity that having them in my life has brought me but when I talk to people who have not had this, it becomes quite evident.

Older gods will make a young boy deep, it has made me a better man of today – meditate on that for a bit. And for you men it is a methodology that we are obligated to uphold, “each one teach one”, even if it’s not your boy.

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