Oct 12


Author’s note: Recently I did an article for fellow author Mark Gardner’s website. He gave me carte blanche to write about anything and I chose to talk about diversity in books (primarily Science Fiction). Here’s an excerpt and link to the actual article:

One of the biggest praises I get from men when it comes to my books is that I write men to be authentic of who we are. You would think that being a man would make this automatic, but I read a lot of books written by men where the male characters are stereotypes as opposed to what you would find in a real person. My portrayal of men comes from a long history as a relationship blogger. When you’ve been forced to dissect why your gender does certain things—and behave certain ways—for as long as I have, you will find that it more than influences your writing. So, as you can imagine, many readers love my men, or hate them because they want the ideal caricature.

My book “The Factory” comes to mind, when I take the reader into the mind of a stripper-loving, money-chasing, young hustler who pretends to be a “nice guy” to the people he works with. Women in my life that have been taken advantage of by a character like this, HATE the book, and boy did I hear about it. Hell, due to it being written in first person, I was accused of it being a biography (shoot me now), but that was a reflection on them, not me.

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