Nov 05

I’ve always wondered how to tell people that are not interested in a fitness lifestyle how to get in shape. The advice that I would normally have comes from the hardcore school of “just do it” so anything I would say would come off as crazy as telling a blind person to sort things by color. At the same time I do not want to skirt the topic due to my assumption that the person is helpless. It is a dilemma that comes up quite often. When you get in shape, eat certain things and pass on dessert people assume that you have a PhD in nutrition on exercise. They come to you with a slight plea to help them get into shape with as little effort as possible. How does someone who works out twice a day and chooses ingredients over taste tell someone how to get in shape without much effort? I am truly asking because I don’t have the answer.

Recently a friend of mine shared a video of a young man who recorded his journey from obesity to marathon-level fitness. Of course it was inspiring, seeing someone shrink into a person half their size will never cease to be amazing but what stuck with me was his beginning. He said that one day he just started running – see simple isn’t it? He ran a few steps and walked it out but repetition of this daily turned him into a beast within a year, running marathons, looking studly and being the happiest he has been in years. My own brother took on the principle of “one day I just started running” and has shed a ton of weight in just months. “Just start running” my friends and if you can’t run then walk… hard.

One of the most damaging things to happen to the teaching of health and wellness is the “gurus” who tout magical diets to the masses in order to sell their programs. People get slivers of info from these ads and try shortcuts to weight-loss. They look to cutting calories, cutting carbs and cutting red meat without the physical landslide that could buff the diet. They expect results within weeks not months and they mentally formulate their own diets mentally that are more harmful to their weight-loss or having the potential to actually add pounds instead of shedding them.

IF you’re overweight, frustrated and looking for something painless and non-expensive to get you in shape – just start running. Buy some nice earbuds, make yourself an hour long MP3 list of music and hit the street, park or dirt road track. While it seems like work now as you read this, it feels like a million dollars after about a week of doing it steadily. The body needs physical strain to grow and develop, no amount of carb cutting can substitute it, so get out there, walk, run, whatever. Just do it and for the sake of fitness, leave the goddamn iPhone at home.

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  • Carly

    Way to go Dragon,
    From someone who is a “has been” living off the legacy of being a 7-day-a week “gym rat” , and from someone who has the degree in nutrition and have spent more than 25 years counselling, prodding, teaching and translating nutrition and weight loss information into user friendly to-do lists, diets, menu planning – call it what you will – I can confirm with certainty that not even frigthening disease prognosis is enough to get someone off their couch on a consistent basis.

    Like drug addiction, tobacco use, alcohol abuse etc, no matter how we desire change and health for the user, it takes that energy source within them of personal motivation getting ignited. Any help we give, encouragement and support can only be seen as an accelerant. It truly is as simple as “one day I just started…….”.

    As the holiday season bears down on us, this is a priceless reminder. Thank you!

  • all bull..

    i agree whole heartedly! i am one of those who just started running as well.. after almost of a year of “i used to be able to (fill in the blank)” and lose weight, i ended up having to bite the bullet and just start running. at first it was really hard for me to get into the groove and to push myself. but one day things changed and i started getting ready for my nightly run without hesitation.. without thought.. without complaint.. eventually the pounds started shedding and my distance stamina went from a couple of blocks to a few miles.. i haven’t felt this good in a LONG time…