Oct 21

Many people have misconceptions about the concept of online dating; I have heard many people get advice from friends to stay away.  People who tell others to avoid online dating are generally people who do not understand it themselves, and have probably never tried it themselves either.  This trend can also be seen if you start to look through some of the online dating profiles where you see comments like, “I never thought I would be doing this.”, or “apparently it has come to this me making a profile online.”, like it’s some sort of last death march for their dating life.

Online dating is a perfectly normal way to meet people

What these people do not realize is online dating is a perfectly normal way to meet people in this day and age.  The belief that all people who are on an online dating site are somehow undesirable, or incapable of finding a date the normal way is far from reality.  The truth is many people turn to online dating when they are trying to meet people outside of the normal circles they travel in, or when their schedule prohibits them from attending social gatherings.

The other reason people tend to make online dating profiles, is because there really are not a lot of avenues to easily meet people, unless you enjoy clubs or bars.  Outside of those places everything else is a random proposition, and meeting someone can come down to luck and timing when you go somewhere like the grocery store.  When most people go to the grocery store, or to run errands most of the time they are not really expecting to meet that special someone; which makes meeting someone in these settings a bit awkward at times.

So, if bars, clubs, or parties are not your thing where do you go to meet people?  Others will point to their job, and just their place of employment as their hunting ground.  This is probably the worst idea anyone can think of, there are so many ways dating at your job can cause problems with not just your relationship, but your career.  We will dedicate an entire article to the reasons you should not date in the workplace in the coming weeks.

The next avenue is the “hookup” by a friend or relative, because everyone knows someone who is perfect for you right?  Everyone seems to have a single friend that would just be perfect for you, and they can’t wait to hook you up.  Well these situations typically do not work out, and there are several factors behind that.  When you “force” two people together and pin the hopes of friends and relatives that it will work out it almost serves to doom the relationship from the beginning.

So, where does that leave you?  Online dating of course, you can easily meet people and have the opportunity to filter them out before even contacting them.  People should not feel like they are strange because they are on an online dating site, there are millions of people on these sites in the world today.  It is becoming more common as 1 in 5 new relationships are started as a result of an online dating website, think about all the people who do not frequent clubs or bars that you now have the opportunity to meet because of a dating website?

The best approach is to temper your expectations, and enjoy the process without having constant doubt about the process.  You would take the same precautions meeting someone online as you would meeting someone in a bar, think about it on a first date whether you met someone online or in a club you would probably meet at a coffee shop to get an initial feel for the person.  It is not like you are traveling to the persons house just because they seem great online, so dispel all the myths and negatives you heard about online dating and take a chance.  You just might enjoy what you have been missing out on.

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