May 22

turquoise jeep video

“I’m trying to wife you up so I can love you down, I come across town to hear that Ooh Ahh sound…”

This short film by Turquoise Jeep is a love story that can touch both men and women not only with the hilarious cast of characters but the real situation of true love and a man going for his. It’s a well done video but what else do you expect from The Jeep? The film features Flint Flossy, Watchyamacallit, Tummy Scratch, Young Humma, Pretty Raheem, Slick Mahoney and a new hottie member Moonrock. It has 2 music videos within it and is specifically about Flint Flossy losing his beautiful Bengladesh girlfriend and becoming depressed about it.

If you’ve listened to any of Turquoise Jeep’s videos in the past there is no doubt that you’re a fan – but no worries every character in the Turquoise Jeep family is in this video somewhere even the elusive Slick “Grab my belt” Mahoney. Check it out and let us know what you think – personally I can watch this anytime. Check out Turquoise Jeeps site for videos, albums and cool T-Shirts at

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