Mar 17

For every plan, for every idea, and for every invention, there is a hater in the shadows telling you that you shouldn’t do it because it’s been done a million times before. I’ve heard this same feedback about sites that I’ve created, about ideas that I have come up with and about articles that I’ve written. These people aren’t adding anything towards the discourse, they aren’t helping you out, they are are not even trying to motivate you with formulating a replacement idea if need be. They just want to tell you not to try.

It is very important that you tune these people out or just get them out of your life, period. When someone gives you that kind of feedback then you probably don’t need to go back to them for advice about anything. These people drain your creative juices, they are parasites to invention. Their feedback is not necessary, it’s not valuable, and when you have asked them for their opinion, saying those words to you is like getting a kick to the gut. It’s them telling you to give up on your idea without even trying. The irony in this is that everything that we see around us has been done before. Yet none of the creators of these stores or these plazas or even the buildings that house them, looked at it that way. They just came up with something they thought people could use in order to gain some capital and they went with it.

We don’t have to have everything 100% unique in our world. In actuality our world is built on creative copies. People find ways to improve on another’s inventions and we all grow from that. Now granted you may strike gold and come up with something unique once in a blue moon, but with all the millions upon millions of people in this world, finding that particular invention or idea is a rare gem. And if moving forward with your plans can only be done though the procuring of rare gems, then none of us would make any moves whatsoever.

“improve upon the idea”

So please consider this the next time you hear that type of feedback from anyone dealing with anything you are coming up with. Thank them and move on but more importantly, tune them the hell out. We don’t need those kinds of opinions. They are lazy, boring and they don’t promote progress. If you are in fact worried that your idea may have been done before and there may be little to no value in you coming up with it, then you can consider how to make it personal, how to make yours a little bit extra special to where the local people or people of your mindset will find it more valuable than the original. You may have an idea for a coffee shop but your buddy tells you that “Starbucks gets all the money anyways, so what’s the point?”, but your coffee shop may provide something that the local college students find more valuable than the run of the mill Starbucks. You may have bigger tables with bigger chairs, and more outlets for laptops. You may have a specific kind of design, something Asian or Africa themed. There is always something else you can do to improve upon the idea and make your customers find value in your particular shop.

You know when we were kids our parents would tell us to “dream big” and strive for our dreams and they will come true.  But there is one thing that mom and dad seem to forget to tell us about our dreams and that is that our so-called friends will be there to either boost us towards success or drag us down to the ground with them. For every great idea, there are 50 people trying to trump it. Don’t let people scorch your ideas! Move forward, live it, and give it a try despite whether it’s been done a million times or not. You shouldn’t worry about that, you should just worry about progress. Original ideas are overrated but every asshole has an opinion and Google is a billion dollar enterprise. Think about it.

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  • Great article! Very great insights in this article and many haters need to read this article.