Feb 08

And the award for best Super Bowl campaign goes to Doritos! It was a pleasure to watch their ads amongst the confusing nonsense of “Go Green”, GoDaddy yawn ads and the pathetic chicken commercials of Denny’s (seriously millions of dollars in Ad space just to move a friggin grand slam meal?) The Doritos and Bud Light ads were the only ones worth paying attention to outside of Megan Fox bathing… and the one that garnered the most laughter had to be the baby bitch slapping his mother’s boyfriend. I lolled and you will too, which goes to show that 1. Babies are always funny and 2. People getting bitch slapped is always funny on film. The next funny one was probably the new (not as cute as the older) E-Trade baby scamming on his girl with another. Still the Super Bowl as a whole was boring, the halftime show featured  safe, old people and ads were crap. Here are a few of the best. Check it out:

Doritos Baby Bitch Slap

E*Trade Baby – Milka-What?

Megan Fox – Motorola Hot Tub

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