Nov 11

I am writing this as a contribution to the few who read and may take something away from this. We are blessed as human beings with one unique aspect of life which is our diversity of communication. We talk, gesture, read, write, sing… you name it, we get our point across in whatever way we can. Artistically one of our most beautiful forms of expression is through vocal communication, singing, rhyming, reciting, you name it. With this we have formed hundreds of styles and forms, each to be used to express when given, and interpreted when taken. This is where it gets really interesting, music as a form has gotten even deeper in the last few centuries, that now it has become more than a pleasure for the ear, it takes form. The artist Seal once commented that he refused to write down his lyrics… [Read more]

Jul 31

On the new supposed expose of Rick Ross as an ex Correctional Officer, my first reaction was “so what?” Then I remembered what type of society I live in and I also start thinking of our trends. There is a specific term for it but it’s basically when you build someone up and worship them for making it, then slowly trying to tear them down so you can watch how fast they crash and burn. Let’s call it the “Britney Spears” treatment. America is good at that, I won’t bore you with the numerous celebrities who have been burnt at the stake but it shouldn’t be hard to remember them. Being successful basically comes with a whole host of losers privately hoping you will fail. They act nice enough but when you fail they want to be the first to say “I told you so”… [Read more]

Jul 03

Sometimes a man can be totally oblivious to the obvious disrespect that the love of his life is displaying. It is the reason why articles such as this one are needed. Maybe writing this will convince at least one of you confused guys–who was never schooled on the game–will realize that the crap you are dealing with is not cool. If she is slighting you, let her know or cut that bird off… women outnumber us in the world so there’s 2 more like her out there waiting to treat you right. Gain some self respect (they will try to fool you by calling this cockiness or arrogance), if you don’t budge she will have to choose and more often than none she will play ball. Self respect guys, self respect… I don’t care how fine a girl is, when you hit 30+ you should… [Read more]