Nov 01

Personally I am going to go with NO, and after reading the feedback from people of this generation that seems to be the general sentiment. Romeo and Juliet was a story, there are too many fishes in the sea, life is short, etc., etc. If a girl is heavily family-oriented and her people have a problem with you, this makes your life extremely stressful whenever it comes time for holidays, get-togethers and visits. Nowadays that girl gets dumped in lieu of another girl with more liberal parents and views. We expect her to fight back as much as we do, so patience for your parent’s narrow view on dating is no longer tolerated.

I remember how in the 80’s and 90’s the aspect of the taboo relationship was all the rage. Movies like Mississippi Masala (Indian girl and black guy) and Jungle Fever (Italian girl and black guy) were the talk of the day. It was always the non-black father being mad when his little girl hooked up with a black man. Then there were realistic movies like Dragon about Bruce Lee which flipped the script and showed racist white mom worrying for her daughter having “yellow babies”. Everywhere we looked we were being shown that “swirling” equated to unnecessary bull when all you wanted to do was be with the woman that you loved. Bruce Lee’s mother-in-law came around but the Dragon had patience and a defiance that was beyond most of us. Would you stay with a woman that had racial baggage from her people?

I’m an older man so I personally have heard more than a few black mothers express concern about their boys bringing home anything else but a black wife. Hell recently I had a young mom come to me with concern over her son’s love of anime and schooling that he would “end up with an Asian girl”. What these women seem to lose sight of is that their drama will not be met with much patience from both parties. People of this generation have heard it all, seen it all and know it all concerning the racist undertones whispered by parents to their children concerning dating. Nobody’s willing to deal with it much anymore no matter how pretty or handsome your children are.

It is with this mentality that many people will blow off their parents and simply keep their love out of sight and mention when it comes to family. It will distance the daughter away from her secretly prejudiced father. For the family-oriented men and women who MUST have the blessings of their folks, they will be loath to find a lover who is willing to stick it through. There are simply too many liberal thinking people out there who come with none of this baggage for a man or a woman to put up with it.

So I have to ask you readers, would you be willing to put up with a racist father in law or mother if you wanted to marry the woman/man of your dreams? Or is life stressful enough without having to civilize some savage with archaic thinking? I have dumped women for less and I still don’t understand how people like Bruce Lee dealt with it back in the day. What are your thoughts, do you lack as much patience as I do for it?

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