Feb 09

If you aren’t keeping a solid bit of savings, keeping up with your bills and minding your life and business then you are a burden on those who know you, one way or another. There is a reason why you see millionaire athletes crying broke after being released from their team and it is no different from your sister with the high income job who somehow ends up begging you for $100 every other month to pay her light bill. The reason is a lack of knowledge, or a lack of caring to learn the birds and the bees of financial education. It is one thing to not know what you’re doing but this article is for those of you who have access to the knowledge but choose instead to live recklessly.

Money – It’s All about Our Outlook

I think that the deciding factor in how people handle money is in their general outlook… is money an asset, or is it a liability in life?

For people like me money is a means of access to many different things in life; money provides us with things that we like, it affords us peace of mind with planning a future, it works out most emergencies and it buys a bigger standard of freedom. For others who are the polar opposite of me money is in the way of life, they don’t want to deal with it, it’s a nuisance that they will only deal with when they have to. This latter line of thinking keeps companies like AMSCOT in business, check-to-check is like a religion and everybody’s attending that church.

What You Call Luck, I Call Financial I.Q.

I am positive that many of the entrepreneurs that people push the “lucky” word on are richer for their knowledge than the cash cow that grew up for them. I believe that if you were to hit the reset switch on life but left people with their brains intact these same people would find a way to make it while the critics will still find a way to complain. You can drop a financially educated person on a new world and they would still find a way to survive and make do. That’s true money right there, the ability and knowledge to earn regardless of position.

Of course this is my opinion but it is based on what I have seen from life – the magical rapper word for it is “hustle” and it is born from the knowledge of turning $.05 into $5.00… most people aren’t hustlers, they are hardworking employees who work even harder at burning money on vice, simple pleasures and things that don’t earn money for them.

How Do I Get Better With Money?

This is a very simple answer… so simple that it absolutely baffles many of us as to why this is still an ongoing problem in this country. The answer is to open your eyes and ears and listen to the advice of people who have it figured out. There are free resources out there to help you learn finances that aren’t limited to Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. Buy a financial book on Kindle, get an audio version for your car and listen, learn and execute. The difference between the guy you borrow from and you can be as simple as knowledge and once you have it, you will never look at money the same way again.

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  • cuteblklibrarian

    Check-to-check is an epidemic and I’ve been vaccinated! How you handle money is a choice and I choose: to get out of student loan debt, build an emergency fund, have a nice retirement account, and then be the Jones’ that other people try and keep up with.

    • Good to know that you are free from that mindset CBL. There is nothing more peaceful than knowing you have a safety net, and a budgeted plan. Thanks for sharing.