Mar 27

sofia vergara ad

Recently I saw a Pepsi commercial with the lovely Sofia Vergara and it managed to turn me off of a woman who is naturally irresistible. How, you may ask? Well it wasn’t her obsession with wanting a can of soda so bad, but the fool of a man who put himself out there and thought her needy mannerisms were intended for him.

I’m sure the women watching found it funny and the men were too busy watching Sofia’s lips… but it was a reminder of what every man fears when going for beautiful women. It was the intent of the commercial after-all  no doubt written by a man who knows how much it sucks but I am going to use it as a teaching moment for everyone.

If you haven’t seen the ad, here it is:

Mistake #1 – Turning Around After The Diss

I think a man like that who was confident enough to engage some attraction (slight wink, eye contact), who women seem to find really attractive (I did my research), and who committed himself to walking over there should have introduced himself and tried despite the mistake.

Mistake #2 – Flying Solo

I’ve been guilty of it in the past, but when you have 2 bogeys, don’t go dashing in there like Iron Eagle! You have a bunch of guys at the table with you and Sofia has a girlfriend talking her ear off. Why would you move in, engage her – therefore taking the attention off of her gabby friend, and expect that she will diss her friend to hook up with you?

Suave man on this commercial should have told his buddy to fly west to distract chatty while he goes to investigate the dime piece biting her lip and looking hot and bothered at him.

Men, it is very rare that you can fly into a flock of birds and land the alpha femme without the others squawking and hating on you for doing it. This is why we have wingmen, USE THEM!

Mistake #3 – Reading Your Target

A beautiful woman over 40, sans ring, in an environment that looks like it’s made for the haves in life… hmm, all signs point to man-eating cougar. If this is what our buddy read then he did the right thing by presenting himself as a tasty lamb chop for our queen kitten to devour. Still, if you are in a similar situation you need to analyze your target and determine whether or not the odds will be in your favor.

* * *

Of course per the norm there will be a few of you who wonder at why I’m taking a “cute commercial” so seriously to the point where I wrote about it, but the fact of the matter is THIS little incident is the reason behind the hesitation and fear many men have towards approaching beautiful women.

Many movies and shows depict the loser smiling, thinking he’s the man only to see that the woman he was eyeing is actually throwing her love at the guy behind him. It’s nothing new, but in this case that guy is a diet Pepsi can and that woman is Sofia Vergara.

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  • I’m glad you wrote this article because that commercial had me shaking my head too! I was like “Why are you turning around dude?!” Looking liked a kicked puppy dog.

    • Lol, I can see Djimon Hounsou waiting for him at the table when he limped back… he would look dude in the face and yell at him “NEVER BACK DOWN!”

  • What a mug.

  • Lonnie F

    The people wouldn’t be ready for that if he posted up and started spittin regardless. He was halfway there he got up. I’ll be damned if I get cockblocked by a can of soda, some snackwells, or even cheese curls. But yeah, these commercials are always at the man’s expense. There was a good 1 last year or the year before where they played the hell of out a woman. I wish I could remember. Some car commercial.

    I did get played one good time I waved to a fly chick that I knew from a distance she didn’t want to wave back in front her friends. 1 to 1 she would’ve spoken.

    I passed by this yesterday while I was out. It was the only ad that caught my eye all day.

    • That ad you posted will catch any man’s attention… seems like Diet Coke needs to go ahead and hire Rosa Acosta or Bria Myles to counter it.

      Sofia has a few other ads between her and that damn Diet Pepsi can and as men that is enough… she is human fire with all that she has going on but this ad just opens up wounds… I almost feel like this was the one made for the radfem girls.

      A proper ending would be him smoothly avoiding the misunderstanding and transitioning it into game. You know what’s funny, watching the ad again – she 100% sees him and knew what time it was, she just wanted to play him at the same time. A sharper dude would have locked her up when she was done with that soda… just saying.

      • Lonnie F

        Just what I was thinking. He could’ve deflected to the friend like so are you gonna hide behind a soda now too? We haven’t met, my name is so and so. In a minute you can introduce me to your friend here. Yeah I’ve seen these commercials before. I don’t remember them. Her accent is dangerous, but she doesn’t say anything. “Oose-iding?”

    • Maybe the people at the ad agency are SIMPS writing for a female audience. Why would any dude find Pepsi appealing after seeing that?