Sep 08

It does not take rocket science to figure out that there are real issues for all groups of singles. Ingrained stereotypes and idealistic expectations make every potential suitor come up short:

  • Mr. Right has to make six figures
  • Ms. Perfect cannot display “blow up potential”
  • That guy is too much of a metrosexual
  • Two or more kids? – she must be damaged goods

And the list goes on and on.

Any man who wants to holler at me must be able to bring something to the table. Now what that “something” is – is open to interpretation – yours, not mine. I can tell you most definitively that I am not willing to play taxi driver, I will not be going dutch on a date, (I did say a DATE!), and I should not have to tell him to mind his manners or pull up his pants!!!

Well, I had a recent epiphany; through the examples of a few of my peers. You see, I work in an environment where a great percentage of my peers hold doctorate degrees and medical licenses. Undoubtedly, based on societal “norms” you get to that point where you begin to equate these professional “achievements” with a certain standard of life, including who makes up your circle.

Recently I asked one of these PHDivas, “What’s up for the weekend?” She told me she was going to a friend’s bachelorette party, and hoped the evening’s main attraction would not be her boyfriend (who strips for private parties). OK! Wow ladies, if that is your thing, imagine all the private parties at home with your boo when you hook up! Who is comparing diplomas then?

I also had to check myself when another PHDiva brought her husband to an all week conference. He was a tall, fine, caramel tenderoni, whom she met at a playdate, social gathering for singles. While he completed his undergraduate, this accomplished cougar gave birth to their beautiful daughter, thus completing their perfect circle.

Well, I did forget to tell you that these women are age 40+. Could it be that we have to get to that ripe “old” age to realize happiness is not determined by matching letters behind one’s name, or the size of one’s paycheck? The idea of perfection is a futile ambition. Progress is more achievable.

Man! Did I earn a PhD in Withholding Personal Judgment!

So, any man who wants to holler at me must bring something to the table. You bring the butter, I will bring the bread. I will even take the initiative on occasions to plan an evening for us, I will pick you up for our date, and this will be my treat.

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