Sep 14

There’s only a few times when a man can go out with a bunch of single women and not look like a fool to other men in observance:

  1. If one of the women is his girl, or a chick that he sleeps with (a lot).
  2. If he’s banging all of them and they refer to him as “daddy”.
  3. If he’s a parent/chaperone and they are under age at some event.

Any other time and he will be the subject of harsh judgment by male standards.

Some men assume that the man (pound puppy) in a flock of birds is either gay, or some loser playing bff in hopes that he will gain some pity booty by the end of the night. Reality says that this male is normally some cat that doesn’t realize the folly of his ways.

Here are a few misconceptions by the men that hang with groups of women:

  1. Other dudes will be jealous of my getting all of this female attention.
  2. Debbie will see that I am a good guy and not like the rest because I am able to kick it with her girlfriends!
  3. I’m just happy for some female company, I will learn them and it will improve my game.

Let me tell you something pound puppy, nothing can be farther from the truth. None of those women want you, you’re just way too convenient and soft. Your role is that of “representative” for the man race whenever one of us screws up and the girls need to vent. You are also a decoy in case they don’t want any guys to talk to them.

Nicole and The Pound Puppy

A few buddies and myself were out at a sports bar once and there was a flock of birds at a table trying beyond hard to get hollared at. One Nicole Sherzinger ripoff kept flicking her hair and scanning the room in order to get one of the muscular douches in attendance to pounce, but at her table was the token pound puppy looking lost and out of place, sipping slowly at his beer.

Dude was clearly not with any of the 4 attractive girls at his table and when they engaged in conversation, it was out of his earshot. Meaning that they were scoping guys out and sizing them up away from him.

This is not gangster activity puppy! Snatch your balls back and quit the team! Look I know they’re beautiful but playing cockblocker for a bunch of women is a violation of the Man Code: Article VI, Paragraph VThou Shalt Not Player Hate.

In all seriousness, this is all about self-respect and no self-respecting man stays in the position of pound puppy for long.

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