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Recently, I sat watching one of Tyler Perry’s older plays on DVD with a girlfriend of mine. This particular play starred two brothers who, by general female standards, would be considered “hot.” One of them was actor Christian Keyes; the other, actor/model Ryan Gentles.

Almost every time a particular scene in the play involved Christian Keyes, my girlfriend would bite her lips and say to me “Ooooo girl, he is fine! He can get it!”

Even my Mom, who was visiting for the weekend, passed by the TV, took a look at him and said “Now that’s a handsome young man!”

As my Mom and friend fawned over Mr. Keyes, my thoughts drifted off in another direction, and pretty soon I wasn’t paying attention to the play any more. I began to think about my preferences when it came to a man’s physical appearance, and it dawned on me there and then that I had never dated nor been in a long term relationship with a guy who would be considered a “pretty boy“. That is to say, I have never been with a guy that was considered drop dead gorgeous by almost every female he encountered. After pondering this for quite some time, I came to the realization of exactly why throughout my years of dating, I have always chosen the average Joe or the boy-next-door type over the stud.

“Two” Pretty??

No, that’s not a typo. I really meant “two” pretty. That’s the term I would use to describe what I imagine it would be like sharing a home with  one of those pretty boy types. He’d probably spend more time grooming himself than I do. We’d probably have arguments over who stays in the bathroom longer, or who takes the longest to get ready when we’ve planned a night out. He might get up in my beauty supplies, too. “Baby, can I borrow some of your hairspray? What’s that stuff you use to keep your skin smooth? Can I have some?” And that, my friends, is where I have to stop imagining, simply because it’ll never happen. I’ll make sure of that by dating a nice average guy who doesn’t need to buy a new pair of shoes or a new shirt every week.

Pretty Versus Masculine

Here’s another reason why I have never dated a pretty boy. From my perspective, they just don’t seem manly enough. I know that statement will garner some seriously bad feelings from some of the pretty boys and fans of pretty boys out there. But we’re all entitled to our opinion/preferences, right? In my experience, the majority of pretty boy types are extremely vain and preoccupied with their physical appearance. For me, there’s nothing masculine about a guy who checks himself out every five minutes in the mirror he carries around, or who won’t let you touch his hair because he doesn’t want you messing with his perfect “waves”.

One time, I even saw a guy friend of mine (who fits in effortlessly to the pretty boy category) applying lip balm to, and I quote, “keep his lips smooth for the ladies”. Needless to say, he remained in the friend zone, and vain as he is, he keeps wondering why he’s still in it after all this time. Tsk Tsk.

A lot of women may find what I’m about to say really strange, but here it is; perfect, baby-faced handsomeness that is damn near beauty, though admirable, is a turn off for me. You might have a shot if you manage to add some healthy-looking biceps and abs to that baby face. But if you have that ethereal beauty coupled with a light-as-a-feather body, I’d rather you be my shopping buddy than my man. I’m partial to a dude who can pick me up with one hand, just saying…

Oh My! What A Pretty Face You Have! All The Better To Cheat, My Dear

Before I say anything else, let me just make this clear: I know this will not apply to every pretty boy, since there might be one or two in there with great qualities. That said, be honest here, guys. If you’re a really great-looking guy with some money in the bank, it means you have a lot more options than the average Joe when it comes to women. So why settle for just one, right? Why have just one fruit when you can have them all and make fruit salad?

And this right here is the number one reason why I stay away from pretty boys: I DON’T TRUST THEM. I don’t have much faith in their ability to stay faithful when there are women throwing the drawers at them left and right.

Some may interpret this as me being insecure, but it’s actually the opposite. I am too secure in who I am and what I have to offer as a woman to waste time on a guy who will sooner or later cheat. Sure, there may be a few fine and financially well-off men who manage to resist temptation and stay faithful to one woman. However, for most, knowing that they can have any woman they want is too great a temptation to ward off.

So I think I’ll be sticking to my average Joes and boy-next-door types for now. At least I know they won’t fight me for the bathroom. 😉

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    If you are concerned with pretty boys cheating, keep in mind that the “not so pretty boys” who may not be used to a lot of attention from women may be more likely to give in to temptation. Also keep in mind that a guy who is less than desirable or secure may be settling (for you?) because they don’t have the confidence or ability to do better. Not a slight on you in the least, just another perspective. In the end it sounds like your reasons or fears (him competing for mirror space, etc?) is more of an insecurity than anything else. Imagine a guy saying he won’t date a woman who is too attractive. It could easily be interpreted as some sort of insecurity or fear of competition, etc etc. Again, just my opinion.

  • ,Becky Andrews

    Fucking ignorent is this article really!??👎😅😬😬

  • Anon

    My ex was far from good looking and he cheated. My bf before that was a pretty boy. He was one of the most loyal guys I had dated. A few years later dated another guy so not my type uglier than the rest but he was funny. I lost I interest something didn’t feel right. Turned out he was a cheater. Current bf may be defined as a pretty boy but I’ve seen him turn down many girls and go on about me when he didn’t realize I was watching. (Also he wasn’t aware lots of people knew men so everything comes back to me)
    Just because someone looks good doesn’t mean they will automatically cheat three of my bfs who drove girls ad actually hated when girls threw themselves all over them. They didn’t like being treated like a piece of meet anymore than a women would. They preferred relationships over one nighters.

    I wouldn’t try to group all good looking guys together as not all of them are the same.